Learn What Causes Muscle Cramps and How to Treat Muscle Cramps at Night

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Muscle Cramps at Night

When you experience a muscle cramp at night, it is important to immediately massage and lightly stretch the muscle. If done correctly, this often relaxes the muscle, which will provide you with relief from the cramp. If this does not relieve the muscle cramp, there are many minerals, vitamins, and herbal remedies you can use to relieve the cramps.

What Causes Muscle Cramps?

It is important to know what causes muscle cramps before you can prevent or treat them. A common cause of muscle cramps is a lack of magnesium or calcium. Lack of potassium can also cause the cramps to occur. These three things are needed in the body for the nerve impulses to regulate muscle activity. They also help the muscles contract and relax. If these three things are imbalanced in the body, it is most likely the cause of the muscle cramps at night.


If you suffer from these cramps at night, you can often easily prevent them by beginning a regular cycle of adding extra magnesium into your diet. It is best to take one dose of magnesium early in the morning. To prevent the cramps from occurring at night, take the second dose of magnesium just before bed. As your magnesium levels become correct, the cramps should cease.


Lack of calcium in the body can also be a cause of muscle cramps. You can either change your diet to include high calcium foods or take calcium supplements. It is best to take calcium with magnesium when treating and preventing muscle cramps.


Lack of potassium can also cause muscle cramps to occur. If you are low in potassium, eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, especially bananas, to receive more potassium. There are also potassium tablets available to increase potassium levels.

Holistic Remedies

Holistic remedies can also be used to treat cramps. Black Cohosh has shown to be very effective in treating and preventing muscle cramps. The active substances found in Black Cohosh are natural muscle relaxers.

Bilberry can also be taken to relieve the muscle cramps . Bilberry acts as a natural muscle relaxant. Do not take either one of these holistic remedies while you are pregnant because they can cause unwanted side effects.


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