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Treating Encopresis with Homeopathy

written by: AlyssaAst • edited by: Lisa Lambson • updated: 6/25/2009

Encopresis is a condition that can affect people of all ages. This condition can be very difficult to treat because of the mental disorders that may be attributed to cause it. Homeopathy has shown to be effective when treating Encopresis.

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    Encopresis is a condition where people that are older than the potty training age continue to soil their underwear with bowel movements. Even adults can suffer from this condition. This condition usually produces symptoms of involuntary bowel movements. This condition often affects males more than females. The main cause of Encopresis is chronic constipation.

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    Treating Encopresis can be done using Bryonia. This is used for cases that cause a dry sensation around the rectum. A person may have difficulty passing stools because of severe pains and tearing of the rectum.

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    Calcarea Carbonica

    This homeopathic remedy is used for people that experience slight discomfort and fatigue when bowels are passed. This remedy works for people that experience chills, sweats, and weakness from the Encopresis.

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    This remedy is used for people that had to strain and experience extreme discomfort when trying to pass a bowel. Causticum works for people that can only pass a bowel easily while they are standing up.

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    Graphites are used to treat encopresis when a person can not pass a full bowel. Their anus and rectum can often ache after a bowel has passed. Certain personality factors will help choose if this remedy is right for a patient.

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    This remedy is used for people that have frequent indigestion along with Encopresis. Lycopodium works well to relieve gas and bloating. Drinking warm water and massaging the abdomen can help relieve the symptoms of Encopresis.

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    Nux Vomica

    The constipation that causes Encopresis can be relieved using Nux Vomica. This remedy is used for people that experience constricting pains and chills while trying to pass a bowel naturally.

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    This remedy works well for people that experience a heavy feeling in the rectum that can not be relieved. Exercise may also help relieve this condition.

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    Silicea is used for people that constantly strain to pass a bowel naturally. This remedy can relieve the fatigue, chills, and stress associated with the condition.

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    Sulphur is used for patients with Encopresis that experience inflammation around the anus and extreme gas. This herb can relieve the constipation that can cause extreme tiredness.

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    The dosage for homeopathic cure for Encopresis varies from person to person along with the symptoms they experience. Relieve the constipation that caused the condition is the best technique to use to treat Encopresis.

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