Natural Teething Remedies: Homeopathy for Teething Pain

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Teething babies are often miserable - their gums hurt, and they make sure that anyone that’s near them knows it! If you’re the mother or father of a teething babe and are looking for some relief, homeopathy offers a great way to help your baby feel better fast. Baby teething remedies are fast acting, and can work to ease your child’s symptoms extremely quickly.

If you have a fussy, teething baby, consider trying one of the following natural teething remedies today. If you’ve never used a homeopathic remedy before, you’ll be amazed at the quick and effective results these baby teething remedies can provide.


Belladona is an excellent natural teething remedy for babies who are feverish and in pain. If your baby is angry, irritable, and flushed, this is a good remedy for her. Belladona is well suited for babies who scream out in pain, bite their hands anxiously, and cry the entire time that they teeth. A good rule of thumb is that if your baby seems angry about the pain and is running a fever, you should start with belladona.


If Belladona is not effective, Chamomilla is another good choice. It is recommended for babies who are angry and irritable while teething. If your baby is in pain, but can be distracted from it by nursing, walking, or swinging, Chamomilla is indicated. Other symptoms include chewing or gnawing, biting when nursing to ease the pain, and green runny stools.


This natural teething remedy is indicated if your baby constantly drools while teething. If his or her sleepers and bibs are often wet from chewing on them while suffering teething pain, kreosotum is your baby teething remedy of choice. These babies often aren’t agitated or tearful - they simply chew on everything and soak their necklines regularly.


Silicea is a baby teething remedy that is recommended for infants who are slow to cut teeth and have a hard time doing so. If your child begins teething late, has teeth that break through the gumline and then recede, or has a tooth that simply remains inflamed and won’t break the gum, this remedy will provide relief.


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