Homeopathic Remedies for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a very common condition from which many people suffer. Often, conventional medications aren’t always enough to relieve this painful condition. However, there are homeopathic remedies for IBS. Many positive results have been produced when using homeopathy to naturally treat IBS.

IBS produces many painful and uncomfortable symptoms. It normally causes a fluctuation between constipation and diarrhea, as well as bloating and cramping. IBS produces severe abdominal pain, which is caused from intestinal gas and intestinal inflammation. Often, painful bowel movements occur due to undigested food in the stool. This can then result in a mucus discharge.

Homeopathy uses natural products to ease this condition. The treatments are specially designed for each individual after being evaluated by a homeopath (practitioner of homeopathic medicine). They can be combined with conventional medications or used in combination with other homeopathic medicines.

Alleviate Pain

Arsenicum album is used to relieve abdominal pain and burning in the abdomen. It alleviates pain and pressure in the rectum and anus. Intestinal pain can also be eliminated with this medicine. Another treatment that can be used is Belladonna. Belladonna is used to relieve pain that mainly occurs in the left side of the abdomen. Colocynth is a natural medication that has been shown to relieve abdominal pain caused from gas and colic. It can also stop the sensation of grinding pains.

Iris versicolor is a homeopathic medication that can relieve many different forms of pain associated with irritable bowel syndrome. It is very effective in eliminating the pain from colic and gas. It stops lower abdominal pain and is very beneficial for relieving pain when attempting to pass stool. Natrum phosphoricum is used for nightly colic and gas pains. Nux vomica is used for these reasons as well. Pulsatilla is used to treat a number of painful issues caused from IBS. It relieves pain and pressure around the navel and pain and pressure in the rectum. Pelvis pain and colic can also be relieved using Pulsatilla.

Digestive Complications

Aegle marmelos is a very effective homeopathic medicine to use to aid in the digestive process of people suffering from IBS. This medicine relieves indigestion and constipation. It’s very beneficial to relieving loss of appetite. Arsenicum album is often used to relieve frequent diarrhea and a constant urge to pass stool. Besides relieving pain, Belladonna also relieves constipation and diarrhea. Belladonna aids in decreasing mucus and discoloration in the stools.

Colocynthis is a natural treatment for irritable bowel syndrome because it relieves nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Natrum is used to relieve the urge to pass stool and frequent diarrhea. Nux vomica can also be used for these reasons and for nausea and vomiting. Constipation and bloody mucus within the stool benefits from this medication as well.

Although many people remain skeptical about the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines, many studies have indicated natural benefits from these medications.


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