Natural Therapies: Salt Therapy for Treatment of Diseases of the Respiratory System

Natural Therapies: Salt Therapy for Treatment of Diseases of the Respiratory System
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Benefits of Salt Therapy

Recently, it has become well known natural respiratory benefits can be acquired through salt therapy. Salt therapy, also known as Halo therapy, is a non-drug and non-invasive treatment option. The natural therapies using salt have been practiced in Eastern European salt caves since the beginning of the 19th century after the respiratory benefits become apparent. Some European countries even cover Halo therapy in health insurance policies because it can treat and prevent diseases of the respiratory system.

Salt contains approximately 80 mineral elements required in the body. This makes salt therapy ideal for treating many health conditions naturally. One natural benefit received from this therapy’s promoting respiratory health.

Salt assists in removing mucus from the lungs, creating natural benefits for asthma, cystic fibrosis, and emphysema sufferers. The therapy has shown to relieve asthma. This works by placing salt on top of the tongue after consuming 1 glass of water.

Salt Therapy

Allergy Benefits

Salt’s capable of acting as a natural antihistamine making the therapy very beneficial for allergy sufferers. Hay fever conditions can also benefit from this therapy. Salt’s a natural remedy to decrease sensitivity to allergens. A natural respiratory benefit from salt treatments is sinus congestion. This assists in the relief of snoring. Salt use can also cause health benefits to many other sinus problems. When salt’s placed indoors, the salt eliminates dust, odors, cigarette smoke, mold, and mites.

Respiratory Diseases

A natural respiratory benefit from the therapy’s relief in smokers cough. Salt reduces smoke resistance tar from the lungs. The therapy can also reduce bronco-spasms. Dry coughs can be ceased by placing salt on the tongue.

Diseases of the respiratory system are responsible for high mortality rates all over the world. A significant benefit received from this natural therapy is most drugs used for respiratory disease cause side effects which salt does not cause. Salt therapy is even safe for pregnant women.

Salt treatments naturally benefit acute and chronic respiratory disease. Salt naturally widens airways. COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) benefits from salt treatments as well. This therapy reduces the inflammation of the upper respiratory system.

The natural therapy promotes lung immunity and decreasing respiratory infections. This helps to prevent colds and flu’s. Halo therapy has shown time and time again that it is truly a natural promoter of respiratory health.


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