The Best Homeopathic Medicine for Migraine: Find out Which Remedies Will Be Most Effective in the Treatment of Your Pain

The Best Homeopathic Medicine for Migraine: Find out Which Remedies Will Be Most Effective in the Treatment of Your Pain
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Migraine: Introduction

To associate migraine with mere “headache” is quite inaccurate. The pain experienced during a migraine “attack” is indescribable. Moreover, less than half of all sufferers are correctly diagnosed while others still suffer due to ignorance. Migraines are often mislabeled as stress headaches or sinus problems and so most of them are still left untreated.

Each year, nearly 32 million Americans suffer from migraines. Seventy percent of migraine sufferers are women suffering from menstrual migraine and thirty percent are men. Obese persons and those with a family history of migraines are more prone. “Migraine attacks” are triggered by stress and depression. Attacks can also be provoked by smoking, eating chocolate, cheese, curd and, ice-cream!! That’s the reason why it is also termed as “ice-cream attacks”. Before a headache starts, the person may have numb feelings in the lips or face and the eyes may become very sensitive to light. In such cases, it is better for the person to lie down and take a nap in the dark.

Among other alternative therapies and medicines, homeopathy has been quite successful in treating migraines. Stress and depression related migraines can be treated effectively with Homeopathy. Some of the best homeopathic medicine for migraines are as follows:

Best Homeopathic Remedies for Migraine

Natrum Muriaticum:

Natrum Muriaticum can be the best homeopathic medicine for migraine sufferers, especially women who suffer from migraine induced by sun’s exposure. Occurrences of migraine just before or after the menstrual period are also likely to respond to this remedy. Excruciating headaches occurring due to grief or emotional upsets can also be treated with Natrum Muriaticum.


Migraine headaches that start in the upper neck or back of the skull and extend to the forehead on the right can be treated with Belladonna effectively. Belladonna also cures intense headaches that often begin in late morning or afternoon.


Homeopathic Ipecac is a remedy and is made from the root of Ipecac plant. People suffering from nausea and vomiting associated with migraine will find Ipecac as an excellent remedy. Ipecac can also be helpful for stomach ailments accompanied with lack of thirst, constant production of saliva and weak pulse. Be careful not to confuse homeopathic Ipecac with the Ipecac used to induce vomiting. They are two very different substances.


These homeopathic medicine for migraine are indicative. Please consult your homeopathic physician for proper dosages. These medicines should be taken under medical supervision only.


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