Natural Remedies for Hiatal Hernia

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What It Is

A hiatal hernia is a fairly common condition, especially in those over 40. The stomach pushes into the thorax through an opening in the diaphragm. This causes excessive belching and heartburn. As long as the hernia stays small, you may not even be aware of it but as it gets larger, if it does, it can cause other medical issues like ulcers.

What Causes It

Hiatal hernias can be a congenital abnormality or can be caused by a trauma that causes the esophogus to not function properly. Obesity also contributes to hiatal hernia development, because the extra weight takes a toll on the muscles.

You’ll be glad to hear that there are some natural remedies and therapies that may lead to improved health, preventing hiatal hernias and easing symptoms.


Avoid tight clothing or any type of abdominal pressure like carrying a heavy box especially soon after eating.


Meditation or any type of breath work will help strengthen the surrounding areas and relax the area.


Do not eat too close to bedtime.

Drink two large glasses of water as soon as you feel any sign of heartburn coming on to wash some of the acid out of the esophagus. Continue drinking water throughout the day, also.

The healthier your diet is the better you will feel. Many types of foods will aggravate the situation so watch your diet.

Eat six smaller meals a day rather than three main meals. Overeating can cause heartburn.


Goldenseal is known to aid in healing but do not take internally for more than a week at a time and do not take if you are pregnant.

Drink 1/4 cup aloe vera juice, which you can mix with juice or tea, twice a day. This will help heal the intestinal lining.


Continue exercise but choose light stretches that don’t put a lot of stress on the abdomen. Avoid anything that requires bending at the waist.


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