Olive Leaf Extract: A Natural Antibiotic

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Olive Leaf Extract

Infections by pathological organisms are on the rise. Researchers and scientists are always looking for stronger antibiotics. But, unfortunately, these microorganisms mutate faster than science can create new antibiotics and each new generation of microorganisms are less responsive to antibiotics. In addition, our own immune system has become weakened because of over use of antibiotics, making the body more susceptible to the infections

Natural antibiotics provide an alternative to conventional antibiotic medications with the added benefit of reduced or no side effects. Olive leaf extract is one of the most potent natural antibiotics known (Walker, 1997).

Dr. Morton Walker has listed more than 100 microorganisms which olive leaf extract can kill effectively. Some of these are responsible for excruciating diseases such as Chlamydia, E. Coli, Giardia, Hepatitis A, B, and C, Influenza, Lyme disease, Meningitis (both viral and bacterial), Pneumonia, Shingles, Shigella (a form of dysentery) and Vaginitis.

According to Privitera (1996) olive leaf extract acts by many different mechanisms. For example:

  1. Olive leaf extract interferes with viral infection by preventing virus shedding, budding, or assembly at the cell membrane

  2. Olive leaf extract penetrates into infected host cells and irreversibly inhibits microbial replication

  1. Olive leaf extract neutralizes retroviruses reverse transcriptase and protease enzymes, which are critical for virus growth and infection

  2. Olive leaf extract interferes with amino acid’s production pathways necessary for viruses and bacteria to grow.

In addition to the antibiotic properties of olive leaf extract, researchers think that olive leaf extract also supports the immune system by stimulating the production of immune system cells called phagocytes. Phagocytes can neutralize any abnormal foreign organisms that they find.

Olive leaf extract is manufactured by drying and powdering leaves of the olive tree, making an infusion and then concentrating the extract. The most active compound in the extract is called oleuropein, which is a monoterpene glycoside molecule. Oleuropein is also one of the major components found in extra virgin olive oil.

Olive leaf extract is a potent natural antibiotic that can help the fight against dangerously resistant microorganisms with little or no side effects. It acts through a variety of mechanisms, which makes it ideal for a great variety of microbes and virus. It is a natural product that can easily found in your health food store


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