10 Top Foods to Avoid Heartburn and 10 That Trigger Heartburn

10 Top Foods to Avoid Heartburn and 10 That Trigger Heartburn
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What is Heartburn?

Heartburn or acid reflux is indigestion caused by acid digestive juices rising from your stomach into your esophagus. The burning sensation of discomfort you feel is triggered by acids scorching the tender tissue of the esophagus. The back up of acids in this organ can be avoided by eating the several good foods for heartburn instead of foods that cause heartburn.

10 Top Foods to Avoid

Let’s start with the foods you should avoid. Whenever you feel that bitter unpleasant taste of acid reflux rising through your throat into your mouth, reflect on if the last thing you ate or drank was any of the following:

1. Alcohol Avoid drinking liquor or even something as mild as wine or beer especially with a large meal.

2. Caffeine Your indispensable morning coffee could be the reason for your discomfort. Caffeine in coffee, tea or iced tea, soda or any other beverage will put you in trouble, especially if you drink large portions. If you are a heavy coffee or soda drinker, try to drink not more then one cup of coffee a day. If the problem persists, cut out the coffee.

3. Citrus fruits Oranges and grapefruits are good for you, but if you are having a problem with the acidity, ease up on them. Try to avoid eating these fruits on an empty stomach.

4. Carbonated beverages These are major triggers.

5. Chocolate Go easy on the chocolate or leave it alone.

6. Chili peppers and other peppers and spicy foods cause heartburn for many people.

7. Garlic good in many ways, but if it gives you problems, avoid it.

8. Fatty foods can be major triggers.

9. Onions like garlic, affect some people’ stomachs adversely.

10.Tomatoes while these contain healthy nutrients they are acidic and do cause heartburn in some people.

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10 Good Foods

Here comes the good news. Eat these foods to avoid heartburn.

1. Beverages Mineral water

2. Fruits except for citrus fruits which preferably should not be eaten on an empty stomach for heartburn sufferers eat fruits on an empty stomach, half hour before meals or half hour after to avoid heartburn. Bananas and fresh or dried apples are particularly good.

3. Vegetables Most vegetables are good, but broccoli, cabbage and carrots are particularly recommended

4. Dairy Try fat free cheeses and Soy milk

5. Fats Low-fat salad dressing

6. Grains Multigrain breads and bran

7. High Carbohydrate foods like rice, pasta and potatoes which absorb stomach acid.

8. Meats Skinless chicken breasts and lean ground beef

9. Oils Olive and Canola oils

10. Candy licorice and jelly beans

Some Helpful Tips

Eat small meals throughout the day. This will keep acid levels low and steady. Do not lie down immediately after eating, this causes acid to rise in the esophagus. See your doctor if heartburn persists, or preferably an herbalist for natural remedies or a nutritionist. They will advise you on other good foods for heartburn (primary), and foods that cause heartburn.


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