Natural Therapy for Triglycerides

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What are Triglycerides?

Triglycerides are the same type of thing as cholesterol, but less well known. Most of what modern society considers an acceptable diet contains triglycerides. Junk food, sweets and fatty foods are the main culprits when it comes to triglycerides. Their main effect is on the liver and can cause or worsen a variety of health issues. Excessive sugar content is the largest factor and sugar comes in many forms. The most obvious foods containing triglycerides are candy, syrup, cake, cookies, ice cream and animal fat. One triglyceride carrier that might seem different from the list is alcohol. It is made of sugars and can cause extreme, even fatal, damage to the liver. It is also one of the first things a doctor looks for when the triglyceride level is high. Once a diagnosis has been made then a person can start looking into treatment options such as natural therapy for triglycerides.

Natural Treatments

Treating high triglyceride levels without medication and utilizing a plan of natural therapy for triglycerides is the best way to achieve a healthy balance and restore health. Chromium picolinate works very well if added to a regimen of improved eating habits, exercise and very limited alcohol intake.

Many times the patient with high triglyceride levels (over 150 according to some specialists and over 200 according to others) will also suffer from diabetes. The first step for someone with high triglycerides and diabetes is to get the diabetes under control. The diet and exercise that a doctor recommends for diabetics will also work for people with high triglycerides.

Low fat diet, exercise that is right for the patient (it’s best to start slow, with low impact exercises such as swimming, walking or aerobics), attention to other possible medical conditions and not drinking alcohol are the first steps to lowering triglyceride levels. If the condition has been long-standing, the effort to clear it up may take more time and dedication. Natural remedies are always better than drugs. But if diet and exercise don’t work, medication is usually the next step.

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