Heart Healthy Spanish Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet Review

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The Spanish Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet is based on consuming olive oil, fish, salads, and red wine. Olive oil has long been a main part of the different Mediterranean diets out there. According to The Spanish Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet (SKMD) study, the Spanish Ketogenic Mediterranean diet is safe, healthy, a good way to lose weight, can improve blood glucose levels, help to lower blood pressure, and more. The study took place at the authors’ University of Cordoba in Spain. This study was started to determine what the nutritional effects and benefits of a diet high in olive oil, red wine, salads, and fish were. The Nutrition Journal published this study in 2008 showing the benefits of the Spanish Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet.

Heart Healthy (5 out of 5)

The Spanish Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet is a heart healthy diet. It promotes a non-atherogenic lipid profile. A lipid profile is a combination of different tests to determine your risk of coronary heart disease. This is considered to be a great way to see what your chances are of having a heart attack or stroke. The better your lipid profile, the lower your chances are for coronary heart disease. The lipid profile includes your total cholesterol, good cholesterol (HDL), bad cholesterol (LDL), and triglycerides. A non-atherogenic lipid profile gives you a reduced chance of health problems, especially coronary heart disease.

All of its benefits can contribute to a healthier heart and a reduced risk of heart disease, as well as diabetes and cancer. The Spanish Ketogenic Mediterranean diet can help lower bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure, improve glucose levels, help you lose weight, and decrease your resistance of insulin. The Mediterranean Diet has long been known as one of the most effective diets in overall health, reduction of poor health risks, and to help people lose weight.


The Spanish Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet is a safe and healthy diet to keep your heart healthy, among many other health benefits. The Mediterranean Diet has long been known to improve health and this specific diet has now been shown to keep your heart healthy. It has been quite popular in Europe for centuries, but it is now becoming increasingly popular throughout the world due to all of its benefits and delicious foods. The Spanish Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet is full of fruits, vegetables, red wine, olive oil, and fish. The health benefits are countless, and if you want a healthy heart and to lower your risk of coronary disease this diet is for you.

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