Eating for a Healthy Heart

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Eating for a Healthy Heart

Eating for a healthy heart is not a hard thing to do. You don’t even have to deny yourself delicious meals. You don’t have to avoid wine or desert. The guidelines are even quite simple. However, it will take some degree of dedication and consistency for the results to happen.

If you are just starting to understand the need to watch your diet, it can get very confusing to know what to follow, who to listen to, and what to buy. There are so many unfamiliar terms that trying to read up on proper nutrition can be a depressing and boring activity.

Let’s break it down for you. To start eating for a healthy heart, just remember four words - fat, sodium, calories, and fiber.

That’s it! For the meantime, just concentrate on these four red-light words.


First, look for food with less fat. This means vegetables, fruits, skinless and lean meat, and no fried food. If you are a person who loves his meat, choose chicken over beef, and fish over pork.

Eating for a healthy heart definitely means avoiding fried food as a main choice for cooking your meals. Most fast food restaurants fry their food, plus they re-use their oil several times, which is certainly not healthy. This means you need to think about demanding them less often.


Salt has sodium, and according to, too much sodium can be bad for you. To know how much salt is in the food, just multiply 2.5 by the amount of sodium listed in the nutritional information found at the packaging of the food item. The problem with too much sodium in your body is that it leads to water retention. Water retention leads to an increase in blood volume. When this happens, your heart has to work extra which can in turn lead to a heart problem and high blood pressure.


Another important change you should make is to watch your calorie intake. Your key here is to have fewer calories in your meals. You could also cut down on deserts, alcohol, sugary drinks - basically food products that have high sugar content.

Eating more sugar will make you gain weight, according to When you gain weight and go over your ideal weight, your heart has a harder time pumping blood. Just think about it, an individual with a weight problem tends to breathe harder when climbing stairs, as compared to an individual who is physically fit and exercises regularly.


Finally, choose food with more fiber. Such foods are whole grain, fruits, or vegetables. To be more specific, food that has a lot of fiber are oatmeal, brown rice, enriched pasta and flour, whole wheat, pita bread, apples, broccoli, tomato, and many others.

According to, food with fiber is good for your heart because it reduces the risk for a heart disease. It also fills you up and helps to control weight gain.

As you can see, most food facts are interrelated. For instance, if you eat this, this will happen, which will cause something else to happen, and so on and so forth.

There’s a domino effect which you need to watch out for. However, if you make an effort to start eating for a healthy heart, you will start to feel and move better, and the domino effect will work in your favor.