Safely Lose Weight with the 400 Calorie Meal Diet

Safely Lose Weight with the 400 Calorie Meal Diet
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There are literally hundreds of approaches to weight loss. Everyday there is a new diet on the market. But after all the analysis, weight loss comes down to modifying your eating and lifestyle habits in a way that is safe for you. One safe and sustainable approach for weight loss is to use the 400 calorie meal diet.

Planning a diet with this strategy is easy: you will design your meals to have 400 calories and will eat four of them every day. With this approach you will eat 1600 calories daily. So if you think that an average person can eat about 2000 calories per day, you have a deficit of 400 calories each day. After a month you will easily and safely lose about two to three pounds of weight.

How to Implement This Weight Loss Strategy

It is not very difficult. You will need to have nutritional information to do this since you will need to watch your calories ( has good nutritional information). No food is prohibited in this “diet” because food avoidance is one of the main reasons why so many diets fail.

The only requirement of this diet is to limit your food intake to four meals of 400 calories each. Actually, you do not have to be strict with the number 400 since you will end up having meals between 380 and 425 calories.

Menu suggestion

Here is an example of what to eat in a day in this “diet”:

Breakfast: One scrambled egg white (microwave for one minute on high) on whole-wheat toast with a slice of cheddar cheese on top (about 370 calories)

Lunch: Pasta with tomato and ground meat (lean) sauce and porcini mushrooms (recipe here) (about 420 calories)

Mid-afternoon (or mid-morning or late night snack): Baby carrots with hummus and six crackers (about 385 calories)

Dinner: A hearty turkey burger (about 200 calories) on a whole-wheat hamburger bun with onions and tomatoes

This is just an example of a day on this weight loss strategy. In addition drink plenty of water, and try to increase the amount of exercise you perform. A 30 minute walk three times a week will give your body a nice boost for weight loss.

Tips for Cutting Calories Safely

To be on the safe side with this weight loss strategy the key is to eat a variety of foods. Do not stick to the same menu. Add variety. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. You can occasionally eat fast food, but keep it under 400 calories. Although not prohibited, you should avoid French fries, fried foods and eating too much industrially processed products. You should also avoid sugar and refined flours. Choose whole-grain foods instead. Try to cook yourself and enjoy the experience.


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