What Is the Healthiest Fruit?

What Is the Healthiest Fruit?
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Determining what is the healthiest fruit means taking into consideration the benefits in a particular fruit and your needs at the time. Many of the healthiest fruits contain lycopene, a strong anti-cancer agent. Others are high in vitamin C or beta carotene. All fruits are healthy, but those highlighted in this article are high in some very essential elements. Any fruit will help with an energy boost because of naturally occurring sugars, but not all fruits have balanced nutrition or high levels of any one thing.

What is the healthiest fruit? There are other factors involved and the list of healthiest fruits is subject to change based on your current health, diet needs, geography and age. Dieters would eat more fruits high in potassium for added boosts to weight loss. Fruit-eaters in the tropics consume different fruits than those in the northern countries. And senior eye problems like macular degeneration require fruits suitably high in agents that help these eye issues. Various factors determine the healthiest fruits for your needs.


Bananas are a healthy source of natural sugars for energy, potassium, manganese and fiber. The perfect snack food, this healthy fruit is easy to eat, easy to absorb and easy to store. Banana is served raw or made into breads, muffins and other desserts. Free of cholesterol and sodium, bananas give you healthy omega 3s and 30 percent of your daily vitamin C needs. Bananas aid in heart health, anemia, vision and blood sugar levels. Raw bananas are a base for many recipes for delicious healthy smoothies.


Guava gets high grades for contributing to skin health. A source of atringents, guava helps to tighten the skin, balance oils and tighten skin. High in vitamin C, guava excels at aiding the health of your heart, eyes and tissue, to name a few. Potassium in guava also contributes to skin health, as well as muscle and tissue toning. A source of lycopene, guava helps prevent various types of cancer, with studies showing a marked reduction in prostate cancer among a large group of men given various strengths of lycopene. High fiber contributes to colon health.


Also high in lycopene, watermelon makes the list of healthiest fruits, adding beta carotene, a powerful anti-oxidant and aid to eye health, vitamin C and arginine, an essential amino acid. Watermelon helps to prevent diabetes. The potassium and magnesium help to reduce blood pressure and artery hardening. Kidney issues get a boost in health from the detoxifying effects of watermelon; cleansing the blood, the kidneys and prevent stones. Watermelon also aids in weight loss, contributing to a full feeling.


For those suffering from macular degeneration, apricots provide high levels of lycopene. High in vitamin A, apricot aids eye health, reducing cataract risk, protecting tissue and cells from free radicals. Apricots, as a source of fiber, help to digest foods and clear the colon, regulating bowel movements and protecting against gastric cancers.

Kiwi Fruit

As rich in potassium as bananas, kiwi fruit is high in vitamin C, A and E, as well as containing significant quantities of the essential Omega-3 Alfa-Linoleic Acid. Shown for helping improve children’s asthma, kiwi fruit also aids the prevention of cancer of the colon with good sources of fiber. A native to China, kiwi fruit was introduced to the west in the 20th century. This fruit an induce allergic reactions.


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