Healthy Sukkot Meals

The Feast of the Tabernacles

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The holiday of Sukkot is traditionally celebrated with joy, laughter, and lots of food. After all, it is The Feast of the Tabernacles. With all the traditional foods, celebration, and fun, there are a few simple steps you can take to enjoy the joy of the season throughout the entire holiday, and still manage to provide healthier, more satisfying meals.

Careful Substitution

Some of the more traditional Sukkot meals are rich with flavor, and fat. One way to reduce the fat and still enjoy the richness of these traditional foods, while creating healthy Sukkot meals, is with careful ingredient substitutions. If you are thinking of making stuffed cabbage, a staple of most Jewish holidays, try using a ground vegetarian substitute instead of ground beef for a delicious, vegetarian option that offers lots of flavor without the fat and cholesterol. For pumpkin soup, try a reduced sodium vegetable stock in place of a beef stock, saving you fat and sodium. Making a stuffed lamb roast? You can substitute apples and pecans in place of the bread for a scrumptious stuffing that is loaded with flavor, and not unwanted fat, calories and carbohydrates.

Simply Healthy Snacks in the Sukkah

The holiday of Sukkot includes reconnecting with friends in the Sukkah. Enjoy the season while entertaining with traditional snacks that have a healthy twist, like these below.

Pumpkins stuffed with the traditional trail mix contain unwanted fat and calories. Try creating a trail mix with roasted pumpkin seeds, almonds, craisins, chocolate chips and peanuts. Healthy and full of protein, this snack is sure to please. If you prefer, replace the chocolate chips with carob chips and omit the peanuts for those who may have a peanut allergy.

A wonderful and healthy snack alternative for guests with peanut allergies is celery sticks stuffed with soy butter. Rich and delicious, these snacks taste just like peanut butter and are a real crowd pleaser in the Sukkah.

Making a delicious dip? Substitute regular sour creme for a reduced fat sour creme and instead of chips, be sure to have lots of veggies from which to choose.

Delicious Desserts Under the Stars

One of the joys of Sukkot is enjoying a meal under the stars. And of course, the meal is not complete until the dessert. Enjoying more traditional desserts may seem impossible, but is actually simple, with the right substitutions. For recipes that call for eggs, use egg whites. Exchange reduced fat creme for regular creme. Substitute the oil in recipes with a half portion of oil and a half portion soy-milk. Use skim milk in place of whole milk and replace half the flour called for in the recipe with whole grain or whole wheat flour. Your desserts will be guilt-free and fabulous.

Enjoy a Happy Holiday

The holiday of Sukkot is meant to be a time of joy, gratitude, feasting and fun. With simple recipe substitutions, it is easier than ever to share in the joys of the season, while indulging in some healthy Sukkot meals.


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