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Chiropractic Electronic Medical Records Software Overview

written by: Lashan Clarke • edited by: Anurag Ghosh • updated: 1/27/2011

With the drive towards electronic medical records, there is even software available for chiropractors. The programs discussed below can be installed in minutes and do not have a huge learning curve. Today, technology has progressed to include chiropractic electronic medical records software.

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    Best Chiropractic EMR Software

    In the past, most software programs for electronic medical records (EMR) were available for physicians and nurses. However, it is now possible to buy or receive a free download of EMR software for chiropractors. Examples of various chiropractic electronic medical records software are discussed below:

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    Guardian EMR

    Guardian EMR is medical software designed for chiropractors to make document notes. It is available for your PC installed with Windows Vista, Windows 7 operating systems, and the iPad. It is geared towards busy chiropractors who need help in organizing patient’s notes and keeping track of medical records. This software can be customized to improve the efficiency of the documentation process. The Guardian EMR software is purchased with all of the security features already built into it.

    The software is used as “back office" software for busy chiropractic office employees. It can coordinate all necessary patient information from the moment the patient checks into the office for an appointment, up to the moment after the patient leaves when the appointment is over. This chiropractic electronic medical records program mainly charts patient records and helps chiropractors run reports. However managing huge patient records can be complicated for small chiropractor offices. Therefore, the program allows up to one hundred patient records to be included.

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    One program that is available for chiropractors to use as an alternative chiropractic electronic medical records software is MyEMR. This software can be downloaded from the Internet as a free program. MyEMR can be installed on computers running at least Windows XP.

    Another version of this software has been created for PocketPC computers. MyEMR is used to generate SOAP notes for the chiropractor and can also be used when the notes are dictated and transcribed. Therefore, the chiropractor can update the patient’s file with the subjective and objective findings, an assessment and plan, in a short amount of time. This electronic medical software can also be used for dictation and transcribing of patient reports.

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    One of the most popular application software is ChiroPulse. It is designed to help the chiropractor and administrative staff schedule appointments of patients to the office. The software is also a fully functional patient note log and is designed to improve workflow management.

    The chiropractor can use this to write notes about each patient, along with the ability to generate a patient invoice. There is a demo version of the application available for download. It is available for any personal computer that has Windows 7 or Vista operating systems.

    Another great characteristic of ChiroPulse is the ability to search the patient log. This chiropractic electronic medical records software is almost all a chiropractor will ever need as it can also keep track of the inventory within the chiropractor’s office.

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