Health Informatics

Health informatics deals with the storage and retrieval of medical information and data. This information is used to solve problems and involves the use of science, information technology, and data analysis. Using this information improves healthcare technology and the delivery of healthcare to patients.

Electronic Medical Records and Patient Safety

With the increasing use of electronic medical records, there are many advantages to their use in patient care. When looking at electronic medical records and patient safety, using this technology can reduce the amount of medication errors and better organize patient information.
Health Care Data Security

Health Care Data Security

The medical industry faces increased challenges over the next few years regarding health care data security. Since so much of the information about patients and health delivery systems is linked between computers and available to many hospitals, the potential for data leakage is ever-present.

What is E Prescribing?

In today’s world we live by technology. It is no wonder that health care technology is living in the computer realm. Learn more about E prescribing and how it can benefit you.
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