What is E Prescribing?

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Almost everyone has needed to get a prescription or a refill. The main problem has always been the poor quality of doctor’s handwriting, which sometimes causes the druggist to have to contact the doctor and verify the name of the drug or the amount to be taken by the patient. This can cause long waiting periods while the pharmacist and physician play phone tag. For someone who is ill and requires the medication or someone who is in a lot of pain, these waits are unacceptable. E Prescribing can make the long waits a thing of the past and enable patients, doctors and pharmacies to work more efficiently together.

How is E Prescribing Better?

E Prescribing is intended to streamline medical care as regards the patient, physician, and pharmacist connection. Complete medical records for each patient being available to both the doctor and the druggist will eliminate the dangerous possibility of mixing medications. Since some drugs conflict with others, causing reactions and even poisoning, it is necessary that the information be available to both the physician and pharmacist to prevent drug conflicts. Part of E Prescribing is the idea that the doctor and druggist both have a complete medical and prescription history of the patient. If the doctor isn’t aware of all the prescription history of a patient and inadvertently prescribes a medication to which the patient has an allergy, for example, the E Prescribing program will alert the druggist as a safeguard to the patient.

E Prescribing Technology

With E Prescribing technology, every patient will have a complete and comprehensive medical history in their E File. The doctor can see his/her patient, decide on the proper medications and contact the pharmacy instead of hand writing a prescription form. There is no chance of error, since the prescription is automatically checked with the patients records as the doctor writes the prescription. It is sent vie the internet to the pharmacy where the prescription is cleared through the patients pharmacy records, to insure there have been no conflicting prescriptions from another doctor. When the patient arrives at the drug store, the medicine is waiting.


E Prescribing can help to bring down medical costs and malpractice suits by insuring that the right medications are prescribed and taken correctly. It will insure that no conflicting drugs are taken by the patient and time will be saved by using the internet instead of relying on the old fashioned method of filling prescriptions by reading the doctor’s handwriting, verifying, and making the patient wait for the needed medications.