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Many infants are born with acid reflux, but usually out grow the condition by the age of one. However, sometimes the digestive condition can last into the toddler years. As the child gets older, the condition can become more difficult to manage because the child begins to eat a wider variety of food. Managing acid reflux can easily be done at home by avoiding certain foods that trigger the symptoms of the condition. Living with acid reflux and foods to avoid, requires only simple changes to a toddler’s daily diet.

Avoiding Foods

When a toddler suffers from acid reflux, avoiding certain foods is a vital aspect of keeping them pain free. Certain foods and ingredients can trigger the symptoms of acid reflux to flare up. The foods that should be avoided cause the stomach acids to splash up into the child’s esophagus, causing the painful symptoms.


Certain meats and meat products can cause acid reflux symptoms to flare. Fried meats, including chicken nuggets, should be avoided when a toddler suffers from acid reflux. Chicken wings and Buffalo wings should also be avoided. Ground beef and marbled sirloin can also cause the symptoms to flare.

Dairy Products

Many dairy products, such as pepper jack cheese, can cause symptoms to flare. Milk shakes and ice cream can increase the symptoms of acid reflux. Sour cream and cottage cheese can even increase the symptoms.


Different types of fats, including oils and sweets, should be avoided. Any fried or fatty food in general should not be consumed, whether it is salad dressings, potatoes chips, or cookies. Chocolate and brownies can cause the symptoms to flare as well.


Certain grains and pastas can cause acid reflux symptoms. Often, macaroni and cheese and spaghetti with tomatoes sauce can increase the symptoms.

Fruits and Vegetables

Although fruits and vegetables are healthy, many trigger the symptoms of acid reflux. Citrus fruits, such as oranges, limes, and grapefruit, should not be eaten. The juice should be avoided as well. Cranberries and tomatoes should not be eaten to avoid flare ups. Mashed potatoes and French fries can also trigger the symptoms. Onions and foods that contain onions can cause acid reflux to occur.

Toddlers with acid reflux should not drink carbonated beverages and teas. Marinades and strong spices should not be used to prepare food for toddlers with this condition. Managing acid reflux and foods to avoid are simple changes to keep toddlers from having painful flare ups.


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