Improve Your Racquetball Technique - The Complete Racquetball Racquet String Tension Guide

Improve Your Racquetball Technique - The Complete Racquetball Racquet String Tension Guide
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Introduction to Racquetball

Outdoor games are vital for the body and recharge the body faculties. One of the amazing outdoor games is the racquetball. This game

is not like the badminton or squash. It has its own rules and own equipment. Usually, the game is played with the help of a racquet which is broader from the above and squeezes as moved down. The racquet is used to direct the ball on a wall. The ball is made up of rubber. The player is directed to wear eye guards. This protects the eyes from being hit by a ball as if a player gets hit by a ball this can permanently damage the eye.

Basic Rules

Racquetballl Court

The method of playing is quite easy. One player serves the ball. The player should bounce the ball on the floor first and then hit the wall. The player must hit the floor beyond the short line or else it is counted as a fault. The ball should touch only one side of the wall or else it is also a fault. For instance, if a player touches both sides of the wall and then hits the ground, it is considered as a three wall serve which is a big fault. The game can be played by up to four players. A two player game is called singles and four players game is called doubles with two players on one side and two on the other.

Why Racquet Tension is Important?

Usually, a player is faced with the need to make the racquetball racquet string tension right. This is a difficult job and most


people do not quite manage to make it right. In this case, the player must keep two things in mind. The first thing is that tightening the strings would make sure that the player has better control over his ball. The other thing that should be kept in to account is that if the player loosen the strings, the more powerfully one can attack. A blend of both can give the perfect racquetball racquet string tension.

Possible Mistakes

When a player tightens the strings of the racquet, the strings become stiffer and the ball rests on the racquet for a shorter span of time making the angle right and the control over the ball if enhanced. Secondly, when the player loosens the strings the strings become softer and the ball and racquet collision surface area is enhanced to a great extent making the throw more powerful. It must be kept in mind that loosening the strings is applicable to a certain extent after which the power of the throw is reduced sharply. So, a correct action from the player can make the racquet string tension ideal.

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