Kickboxing Routines for Whole Body Health

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Aerobic kickboxing routines offer numerous benefits. You can strengthen and tone your body by engaging in kickboxing exercises. These exercises also offer increased cardiovascular power and endurance. In addition, you can learn effective self defense moves to protect yourself from an attacker. Another benefit of aerobic kickboxing is that you can lose a lot of weight since a typical workout can burn anywhere from 400 to 800 calories. You will be using your whole body in this workout. In addition, you can add intervals to the routine to increase the exercise’s fat burning abilities. Engaging in this type of physical activity also relieves stress and gives you a more powerful outlook. Plus, you will become more aware of what you eat when you begin to engage in a kickboxing program.

Starting Out

When beginning aerobic kickboxing routines, it is important to consider your current fitness level. You may have to begin strictly performing low impact moves and work yourself up to more advanced interval exercises. Do not use dumbbells or weighted gloves when you are starting out. You will want to know how to perform the moves properly before you add enhancements like these to your workout.

Avoid high kicks until you get used to aerobic kickboxing moves. Also, be careful to avoid locking your joints when you are throwing punches or performing kicks. Pay attention to the moves you are performing and go slowly until you get more confident with your abilities.

Avoid over extend your legs when kicking. You should not raise your leg further than you would normally lift it. Begin with a twenty minute workout, then gradually add another twenty minutes to your sessions. You can eventually add another twenty minutes so that your workout will be an hour total, but only when you are comfortable with the 40 minute routine and feel ready for the increase.


Aerobic kickboxing routines begin with a warm up. Do some light activity before beginning your cardiovascular exercise. It is important to know how to perform punchess and kicks correctly.


  • Begin by making a tight fist and keeping your thumbs on the outside of your hands.
  • Put your left foot forward and hands in front of your face to guard it. Choose a focal point and take an aim at it by jabbing forward with your left hand.
  • Next, switch your stance by putting your right leg forward and again put your hands in front of your face. Begin forward punches with your left hand.
  • Now, add in hooks into the routine The hooks should come from the side of your body and wrap as if you are punching the side of a person’s face.
  • Next, practice upper cuts as if you are aiming up toward someone’s chin.

Once you get these moves down by practicing you are ready to add a sequence.

  1. Begin by jabbing with the left hand.
  2. Next, cross with the right hand.
  3. Now, hook with the left hand.
  4. Then, perform a uppercut with the right hand.
  5. When you are finished repeat the whole sequence using your alternate hands.
  6. Do eight repetitions on each side.


  • The front kick is performed by lifting your right knee and then snapping your leg out in front of you. Immediately, bring your leg back in and down to the floor. You can repeat this for twenty counts.
  • The roundhouse kick is performed by bending your right knee at an angle and snapping it forward as you slightly pivot to the right. Repeat the roundhouse kicks for twenty times and then begin on the left side.
  • Next, you can alternate both front and roundhouse kicks at a fast pace.

If you have other ideas for effective aerobic kickboxing routines, please share them below in the comment section.

Note: Always consult your doctor before beginning this or any new fitness routine to ensure that it’s physically safe for you to do so.


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