Best Fat Reduction Exercises

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Cellulite is Just Fat

Cellulite has lost a lot of its mystery over the years. It was once believed that once you have it, you’re stuck with it. How ridiculous is that? Not as ridiculous as thinking that magical creams would make it all go away. Wishful thinking for sure! Cellulite is pockets of fat, accumulated in different parts of the body - nothing less, nothing more. Dry skin and light skin display the presence of cellulite more prominently than darker skin and moist skin so it makes sense that a tan or skin cream would slightly reduce the appearance of cellulite temporarily. But that’s not really good enough is it? You want it gone! That means exercise, no way around it. But what is the best exercise for cellulite reduction?

Cardio and Strength Training

You have already heard the worst of it. You must exercise to fight cellulite. But that’s also the good news because that means you don’t have to spend money on expensive cellulite treatments. You are in full control of firming up these fat accumulating trouble spots on your body and the number one exercise to reduce cellulite is … RUNNING!

Kind of anti climactic, huh? But it’s true. While fat and toxins are traveling through the body, they get clogged up on sedentary areas. That’s why we so often see it clinging to upper thighs, tummies and bottoms. Shake up those areas of the body and the fat continues to travel and break down and eliminate more effectively.

Running is the best activity to work those legs top to bottom while your arms are swinging and you’re working your core. If you can’t run today, you can start by walking. You’re still shaking things up and breaking up those fat pockets. Then, as you build your stamina, you’ll be walking faster, jogging, and running. You’ve LITERALLY just taken your first steps toward cellulite reduction.

Want to step it up? Simple. Build some muscle. Bust that cellulite up that’s covering your beautiful muscles. They are there. Again, no need to dig deep into your pockets to find them. There are some fantastic workout programs and equipment out there, but maybe you already ran for an hour and don’t have the time to put in a 45 minute DVD. Just do some lunges and squats.

Lunges and squats done properly will dramatically change the shape (and size) of your legs and backside. Do them on your break, when you first wake up, while you’re outside waiting for the dog to go potty — it doesn’t matter. Just be consistent. Hold your tummy tight while you’re doing them and you’re working that area too.

Got some cellulite on the bottom of your arms? Pick up some 3 to 5 pound weights and work them AT THE SAME TIME. Just remember to keep the weights light - what you want is lots of repetition with just a bit of resistance.

Accelerate Your Results

Understanding that cellulite is just regular old fat makes us realize that it can be controlled by not only increasing blood flow and circulation through exercise, but by paying attention to what we put in our bodies. Eat lean meats and veggies and drink water. Water is so important in the reduction of cellulite because it flushes toxins through the system that get trapped in those fat pockets causing accumulation.

What are you waiting for? Activate that body! Run! Walk! Lunge! Squat! Drink water! Your strong beautiful muscles want to be seen!