Best Songs to Work Out To That Will Get Your Blood Pumping

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Best Pop Workout Songs

Anything with a constant beat or rhythm is great to workout to. Even if you’re not all that into pop or dance music, it makes sense to exercise to songs in this genre, as they are designed to raise your heart rate and energize your body.

“Bulletproof” by La Roux

This summer hit by French songstress La Roux is sure to get you moving. With a driving backbeat and motivating lyrics, you can’t go wrong running on your treadmill to this song.

“Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga

Think what you will of Lady Gaga, but many of her songs are the best songs to workout to, including “Bad Romance.” Its perpetual rhythmic qualities make for nonstop action while pumping iron or doing jumping jacks.

“Funhouse” by P!nk

P!nk is renowned for her combination of gritty pop music with a snarky attitude. The attitude rubs off when you’re exercising and acts as an additional motivator while you work out. Best of all, it’s enjoyable to listen to and doesn’t really get old.

“Welcome to the World” by Kevin Rudolf

Kevin Rudolf’s pop/rock blend hits everyone’s sweet spot sooner or later, and what better place than the gym to become a fan? The rhythmic digital music crosses the genre barrier and combines a little bit of dance with pseudo-rap, a little hip hop, and plenty of pop.

“In My Head” by Jason Derulo

For those who might be a little too shy to listen to Lady Gaga and La Roux in public, Jason Derulo’s hits are mainstream enough to be tolerated and enjoyed by all. “In My Head” is ideal for exercising because it’s upbeat without being too sugary.

Best Hip Hop and Rap Workout Songs

Whether the hip hop you listen to is more rap or more hop, you can turn your favorite tunes into a workout playlist. Here’s some of the best songs to workout to from the hip hop genre.

“Lose Yourself” by Eminem

Straight off the “8 Mile” soundtrack, Eminem’s life story is pretty much culminated in this hit. Just put yourself in his shoes as you exercise, and you’ll be shedding the pounds before you know it.

“Snitch” by Obie Trice featuring Akon and Eminem

The percussive Tupac-style backbeat in “Snitch” is a great complement for vengeful lyrics. The rap triple threat of Obie, Akon, and Eminem provides the perfect mix for an energizing exercise.

“We Fall, We Fall” by Dead Celebrity Status

Although you might not know the group as soon as you hear the name, these Canadian rappers put just the right attitude into the lyrics without making it a song about anger. It’s great for working out because the lyrics are catchy and the mixture of orchestra, synthesizers and drums is just right.

“Not Afraid” by Eminem

Eminem’s “Recovery” album is filled with some of the best songs to workout to, but “Not Afraid” is one of the best, considering the lyrics are about shaping up your life and getting a fresh start - something many of us want to accomplish with an exercise routine.

Best Rock and Metal Workout Songs

You don’t want to listen to dance, hip hop and rap during your whole workout, so why not add something a little heavier to the mix with these rock songs?

“Next Contestant” by Nickelback

There’s no denying Nickelback is the king of hard rock, especially when it comes to infusing an angry situation with driving guitar chords. These work to your advantage when you’re trying to master the mountain climber setting on your elliptical.

“Coming Undone” by Korn

One of Korn’s rare songs with little angst and no actual bad content, “Coming Undone” gets you moving in one way or the other. Slower-paced than other hard rock songs, this one is ideal for doing push-ups or strength training.

“Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay, Boom-Lay, Boom)” by Shinedown

Don’t let the title fool you. Shinedown’s hit single is crunchy and driving like every good hard rock song should be. With a verse reminiscent of “Sound of Madness” and a chorus similar to “Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide,” your workout routine will go into overdrive when listening to this song.