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How to Calculate the Number of Calories Burned During Exercise

written by: Caramel • edited by: Cheryl Gabbert • updated: 7/2/2010

This article helps those who want to know how to calculate the numer of calories burned during exercise by informational tools as a guide.

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    One of the biggest stumbling blocks for those wanting to lose weight is figuring out how to calculate the number of calories burned during exercise. Whether the goal is weight loss, weight management, or just adopting a healthier lifestyle, calculating the amount of calories burned while working out is a great tool to use. This article will give information on how to calculate the number of calories burned during exercise, factors that contribute to those calculations also tips and advice that will help you get the most out of your workout sessions.

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    Calories Burned Calculators

    There is a formula for determining the amount of calories burned through exercise. To acquire this you need to know the metabolic or (MET) of each activity. The (MET) basically is the intensity of the activity. The formula of the (MET) is as follows: Calories Burned = Duration in Minutes x ((MET x 3.5 x your weight in kg)/200).

    Another easy and effective way to calculate the amount of calories burned during exercise is to use one of many on line calorie burning calculators. Although calculators used to determine how many calories you burn during a workout session are just estimates, you at least get close to the true number of calories burned. Below is an example of information acquired by using a calorie burning calculator.

    Exercises/Calories Burned

    High Impact Aerobics

    Weight----Minutes-----Calories Burned




    Low Impact Aerobics

    Weight-----minutes----Calories Burned


    150--------- 30---------------198


    Bicycling, Stationary: Vigorous

    Weight-----Minutes----------Calories Burned




    Bicycling, Stationary: Moderate

    Weight-----Minutes---------Calories Burned

    140-------- 30----------------235



    Handball, General

    Weight----Minutes----------Calories Burned




    Stair Step Machine

    Weight----Minutes---------Calories Burned




    Running (5 MPH)

    Weight----Minutes----------Calories Burned




    Running (6 MPH)

    Weight-----Minutes-----Calories Burned




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    Tips and Advice

    There are also many factors other than your weight and duration of exercise that determine the amount of calories burned during exercise sessions. Your height, fitness level, the outdoor weather, and environmental conditions you are exercising in also should be taken in account when calculating the amount of calories burned. For example, if you are running up hill or in the sand, you will probably burn more calories than just running on a flat surface. So again, calculators are good estimates in determining the amount of calories burned.

    When you use the calorie calculator it’s important to use proper form in your workout sessions. This will be a big plus when you are trying to determine how to calculate the amount of calories burned during exercise. If you have been exercising for a few weeks and don't see the results you hoped for, maybe it's time to reevaluate how you are indeed performing your exercises.

    Visit for tips on proper form during exercise and also information on getting the most out of your workout session.

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