Learn Boxing Drills Using a Wall

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The Benefits of Boxing

You can actually incorporate most boxing techniques into boxing drills using a wall. Boxing is beneficial to anyone who leads a healthy lifestyle, and to those looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy heart. Performing different drills throughout a workout builds and tones muscle, in addition to building stamina. Furthermore, boxing helps to improve coordination and endurance. Using even a few drills can improve your health before you know it.

The Simple Left, Right, Left

Imagine using a punching bag to practice punching, using the left hand then right, and then left hand again in quick motions. Instead of using a punching bag, you should position yourself in front of a wall with your arms extended out and your hands in fists, making sure your fists are about two inches from the wall.

Position your left foot slightly ahead of your right and then lean into the left foot with your body weight. Position your hands in front of your face like a boxer, and get ready to jab. Using your left hand first, jab toward the wall in a quick motion. Next jab with your right hand, then jab with your left hand again. After six to eight sessions, position your body to start with the right hand and do another six to eight sessions.

The Upper Cut

This drill is similar to the left, right drill when it comes to positioning. However instead of standing an arm’s length away from the wall, move up a little so that you can reach the wall when you perform an upper cut. Now, simply take one step back. Starting with your right arm this time, quickly jab upwards so that the arm curls upwards at the end of the jab. Jab with the same hand multiple times before switching to the other hand and do this drill for at least ten minutes at a time for best results.

The Speed Round

This is one of the most effective boxing drills using a wall because it provides improvement not only to strength and stamina, but it really works on the speed of your punches that will improve your overall boxing technique. Again, stand with your body an arm’s length away from the wall. Stand with your feet square toward the wall and using as much power as you can muster, jab toward the wall as fast as you can.

Mix up the routine a bit with multiple patterns. For example, you can start by switching hands with each jab for two minutes and then switch to using your left hand only, then your right hand only for another two minutes. Add another round by jabbing twice with each hand before switching back and forth. Perform this drill before your cool down and you should see results the next time you practice.


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