The Many Health Benefits of Exercise on Nordic Track Machines

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NordicTrack manufactures many different treadmills, including incline, elite and commercial series treadmills. Treadmills are some of the company’s most popular items, and using them can provide many health-related benefits. These benefits include improved heart health, better moods, decreased stress, reduced blood pressure (it is recommended that people suffering from hypertension exercise on NordicTrack treadmills) and weight loss. Jogging at a consistent pace on a NordicTrack treadmill can burn, on average, around 800 calories per hour. For lower impact exercise, the treadmills allow users to power walk and jog at slower rates on decreased inclines. NordicTrack treadmills have softer surfaces than outdoor concrete and asphalt, which can help to prevent chronic joint pain and injuries.

Elliptical Trainers

Elliptical trainers are also a large part of the NordicTrack brand, including the freestrider, elite and adjustable stride series. Similar to NordicTrack treadmills, exercise with elliptical trainers also has many advantages. For instance, elliptical trainers provide no-impact fitness regimens, which can be very easy on the joints compared to treadmills. These trainers can be helpful for individuals that suffer from joint, hip, knee and back pain. Also, elliptical trainers offer resistance training, which can be beneficial for enhancing bone density and preventing osteoporosis, which is a disease that is characterized by decreased bone density and bone tissue thinning. The trainers also raise the heart and metabolic rates simultaneously, which works for strengthening heart muscles, reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease and also burning calories and getting rid of body fat.

Stationary Bikes

NordicTrack produces three different types of stationary bikes, which are the upright series, recumbent series and sport series. The brand’s exercise bikes can be effective for traditional weight loss. Apart from weight loss, the bikes are compact and can be folded away easily for storage. Some highlights of stationary bikes are toning of the muscles (hips, legs and gluteal muscle tissue), building up stamina, burning of calories, relieving of bodily tension and promotion of cardiovascular well-being (reducing your chances of developing a condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity). Exercising with stationary bikes also offers low injury probability for both the ankles and the knees.


To emulate the benefits of the skiing experience, NordicTrack also manufactures a classic ski machine that is part of a skiers series. The machine focuses on providing the full body with a workout, while burning off calories, toning muscles and enhancing overall cardiovascular fitness. The skiers are especially effective for full aerobic exercise regimens, with constant and consistent lower and upper body motions. The health benefits that are possible with regular and frequent use of the ski machine include enhanced mood, prevention of heart disease and reduced blood pressure. The weight-bearing machine is also beneficial for stopping loss of bone density.