Losing Fat With Aqua Aerobics

Losing Fat With Aqua Aerobics
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Aqua aerobics can be a fun and effective way to get in shape. It allows you to painlessly gain lower body strength, increased agility and power. Aqua aerobics classes will help you burn more fat and build endurance more than other forms of aerobic activities. A 30 minute class will help you burn about 300 calories. Performing aqua aerobics exercises is also an effective way to improve cardio-respiratory health, tone muscles and improve flexibility.

One of the best things about aqua aerobics is that it’s a low impact activity. Your body is weightless in water, which avoids putting undue pressure on your joints. Many people with conditions such as arthritis, injuries, joint problems or other pain can comfortably perform aqua aerobic activities.

Steps for Losing Fat with Aqua Aerobics

1. Join an Aerobics Class: Check around your area for pools and gyms that offer aqua aerobics classes. You may want to consider location, price, time and description of the class. Classes typically last about 45 minutes and consist of a warm-up, cool-down and stretching. The class may include jogging, jumping, kicking, dance movements and squats. Music is sometimes played during the class. You can usually wear your own water shoes and gloves if desired.

2. Jump on In: Aqua Aerobic exercises are great for all ages and fitness levels. Whether you are just beginning or are more experienced, most classes are simple and easy to follow. Don’t be intimidated if you are going for your first time, there will probably be others in the same boat and you can learn together. You may want to bring a friend along as well. Aqua aerobics can help you maintain your fitness level or reach a new level. Try pushing yourself further each time you go for the best health benefits.

3. Go Back Regularly: As with any exercise, one of the biggest keys to burning fat and losing weight is consistency. Learn basic aqua aerobic exercises so you can perform them on your own in between classes to get more workouts in as needed to meet your fitness goals.

4. Focus on Toning: Perform a variety of exercises that will strengthen various muscle groups. Toning new muscle groups is an effective way to burn more fat and strengthen muscles. Water is 12 times more resistant than air, making you use more force and muscle to exercise. This will help your muscles get stronger.

5. Eat a good diet: Regular exercise, coupled with healthy eating can bring the biggest results. It may be especially important to watch your diet in order to lose fat with aqua aerobics because many people have a bigger appetite after exercising in the water. Make sure you are getting a well-balanced diet and drink plenty of fluids. You may want to consider taking a good vitamin supplement to help you stay energized with increased activity.


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