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Muscle and Fitness Building Tips for Your Arms, Legs and Abs

written by: Rochelle Connery • edited by: Cheryl Gabbert • updated: 3/14/2011

Whether you want to bulk up to impress someone or if you’re just interested in developing muscle tone and looking your best, these muscle and fitness building tips will help you do just that. After six weeks of following these tips, you just might achieve the swimsuit body you’ve always wanted.

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    Tips for Building Muscle in Your Arms

    Follow these muscle and fitness building tips to develop beautiful tone in female arms or bulk up on that muscle in male arms.

    • Resistance Band Exercises: Resistance band exercises allow you to do lots of reps per set without tiring as much as you would on a weight machine or dumbbell. To really bulk up on the muscle, get a band that allows you to do 40-60 reps of bicep curls in 30 seconds or so. Stand in the middle of the resistance band and hold each side with your hands as you curl. Do less reps for muscle tone and more reps for muscle bulk.
    • Exercise Ball: You can do a lot of exercises with an exercise ball, but exercise ball push ups are some of the most beneficial. These work your triceps and shoulders for an amazingly toned frame. An exercise ball puts all the weight-lifting responsibility on your upper body so you get a better workout than you would with floor push ups.
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    Tips for Building Muscle in Your Legs

    Building muscle in your legs can be tough on your joints. Endless squats can take a toll on your knees and set your progress back. But with the right exercises, you can overcome these hurdles and get great thighs, quadriceps and calves.

    But better than just building muscle, you can get some high intensity cardio in your strength workout at the same time. Here are some leg exercise options to achieve such results.

    • High Knees: Pretend you’re running in place, but instead of taking quick steps, hitch your knees up to chest height. You can swing your arms as you run for additional cardiovascular benefit.
    • Airborne Lunges: Perform a lunge as you ordinarily would, but instead of bringing your rear knee to the floor, keep it hovering just above the floor. This kicks up the challenge and gives you the added benefit of improving your overall balance.
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    Muscle and Fitness Building Tips for Abs

    Ab crunches aren’t dead, but they’re not as hyped as they used to be. This is partially due to the fact that they worked the upper abs but pretty much left the lower abs alone. Use these muscle and fitness building tips for your abs to get a well-rounded workout in your core.

    • Plank variations: Planks on the floor, off of an exercise ball, or on your sides all develop those little muscles in your core. Start out with a 30-second plank, and work your way up to 60-second and 90-second variations. Your arms will develop some strength during this time as well. Just make sure you don’t make your shoulders and back do all the work. Tighten your core as you work out to keep your torso from sinking toward the floor.
    • Oblique crunches: One of the best muscle and fitness building tips is to work your obliques. These are located on the sides of your abs and are often forgotten. These are key to getting an hourglass figure or more definition around a six-pack. You can do crunches by sitting on your glutes and criss-crossing your elbows to your knees, twisting your core in the process.

    Work these muscle and fitness building tips into your weekly routine. You’ll be amazed with the results you’ll see in just a few weeks!


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