All About Medicine Ball Exercises

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Medicine ball exercises provide a lot of benefits. Adding a medicine ball is a great way to spice up a workout. You can fit one into your exercise routine with ease. These balls provide amazing results whether you use a heavy or a light one. You can use medicine balls to strength and tone. In addition, your endurance will be increased when you use them. Since you do not need to buy any other piece of equipment, they are also economical. Using an exercise ball can also help you improve your coordination and response time as well. Medicine ball workouts are fun to perform and you can be creative when you use them.

Medicine balls also take up little space in a home. They are extremely durable which means that they can be used in a variety of conditions. Medicine balls are soft to the touch and can be used to perform catching exercise with a partner.

List of Exercises

Medicine Ball Sit Ups can be used to provide strength to your core. Performing this exercises will help you tone your abdominals, arms, chest, shoulders. To perform the exercise correctly, lie with your back on the floor with your legs in a 90 degree angle. As you perform a sit up, extend your arms to catch the medicine ball. When you bring your body down towards the ground, keep the ball at your chest. Now, lift your body back up as you throw the ball back towards your partner.

Medicine Ball Plank Push Ups can be performed to improve your upper body strength. Start by placing the medicine ball on the ground. Kneel down and balance on your toes. Hold this position for five seconds to perform a plank exercise. Then, perform a push up by balancing your upper body on the medicine ball. You can kneel or do a full push up when completing this exercise.

Medicine Ball Twists can work your abdominals, arms, shoulders and hips. Begin by sitting up on a floor with the ball in your hands. Gently lift your legs a few inches as you move the ball towards the side of you body. Then, bring the ball to the other side of your body. Continue twisting the ball to each side of your body.

Medicine Ball Slams are performed in a standing position. Your whole body will get a workout by performing this exercise. Start by bending down to your waist and bring your body up as you lift you arms. Release the ball by throwing it down to the ground. Catch the ball as you bend back down.

Medicine Ball Lunges work your upper body, lower body and your abdominals. To perform these exercises start in a standing position and bring one leg in front of you. Bend at the knee and bring your body down halfway as you twist to the side of your body with the medicine ball. Slowly, come back up to starting position and perform the exercise on the other side of your body.