The Raw Meat Diet - The Dangers of This Unhealthy Diet Trend

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A Shocking New Diet Trend

Many people eat raw fruits and vegetables for the many health benefits they can produce. A shocking new diet trend has recently made its way to popularity - the raw meat diet. Celebrities like Uma Thurman, Natalie Portman, and Demi Moore have tried this unusual new diet and claim the health benefits are incredible. Although many people claim to experience unbelievable benefits from this diet, many health risks can be produced as well.

The Raw Meat Diet

This risky diet of eating raw meat claims to be an excellent technique to use when trying to loose weight. Many people claim it makes them feel much healthier and energized. People that follow this diet also eat uncooked eggs and dairy products.

Details of the Raw Meat Diet

The raw meat diet uses meats that are unprocessed and contain no added preservatives or chemicals. The meat is often aged or unfermented. All types of meats are consumed including fish, beef, pork, and chicken. Switching to a diet of raw meat is extremely risky. The precautions for preparing, storing and handling are different when eating raw meat than cooked meats.

Dangers of Eating Raw Meat

Despite the claimed health benefits of this unusual diet, multiple health dangers can occur after consuming raw meat. Bacteria grows on raw meat causing food-borne illnesses. After the bacteria enters the body, it continues to grow inside the intestines. The most common bacteria that affects meat is salmonella. All types of meat can have these bacteria. Once a person is infected with these bacteria, stomach upset can occur, including diarrhea and nausea. Symptoms of this infection last 1 or 2 days.

Other bacteria that can affect meat are Campylobacter jejuni. Raw chicken, raw hamburger and raw shell fish can be infected by the bacteria. It can cause severe digestive upset, headache, and fever. This infection remains in the body for a couple days.

E. coli is another bacteria that can come from raw meat and raw animal products. Diarrhea is a common symptom of being infected with the bacteria. Severe abdominal pain and dehydration are common symptoms as well. Symptoms of this infection can become severe enough to require hospitalization.

Despite the claims of the health benefits that may be produced from the raw meat diet, there are certainly a number of risks that need to be taken into consideration. Before starting any new diet, it is important to discuss the diet with a doctor or nutritionist to learn about the risks.