Watch Out for Fungus on Food – This Thanksgiving Be Careful of Possible Food Contaminants

Pumpkins carry a disease, which causes
black spots so that soon after harvest,
they simply collapse! So when looking at pumpkins, you know what to look for!

Your milk and cream may contain the following:  Ergot,
which is the precursor to LSD, Aflatoxin, a carcinogen.   They also may contain other substances, some of which may cause


 Avoid green beans with black spots on them.
They are infected by a fungus which is particularly nasty.


The dough you made out of wheat may have
been infected by a fungus which attacks the wheat, draining vital sugars.  Further, another fungus produces two/three
major toxins, which can be harmful to health.


Cereals and Fruits?


They too are subject to infection. Take
mildew. If it is powdery and very soft to the touch, it may be affected by a
fungus. Fruits can be infected by either one fungus or others, and introduces mycotoxins
into the apples and oranges.


Ha, Coffee – a hot cup that looks and smells
so nice and rich. Well, not to spoil your coffee, consider that some
coffee seeds used are the unripe green berries which are affected by a fungus
which causes rust. It may still be present in the green berries. Who knows what
is mixed with what? I don’t.


That stem of sugarcane smells very much
like pineapples? You bet it does. That’s because it has been attacked by a
fungus, called Pineapple disease of sugarcane.


We will stop here! We don’t
want to spoil your Thanksgiving.