The Best Running Shoes to Correct Pronation, The Top 3 Running Shoes to Correct Pronation

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What is Foot Pronation and How to Correct it

Foot pronation occurs when the heel bone angles in an inward position and the arch likely collapses. A person with knock-knees has an overly pronated foot stance. The arch flattens when the foot hits the ground in order to take in shock as the outside heel touches the ground, and in mid-stance it assists in balance. This can lead to knee pain, Achilles tendinitis, Piriformis Syndrome, foot pain, plantar fasciitis, posterior tibial tendinitis, and shin splints. The following are three of the best running shoes to correct pronation.

1. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10

This shoe has been an industry favorite, even more so with modern overpronators who require maximum comfort and mild pronation control. This can pose a challenge for motion control shoes. Usually they tend to be too firm and way too uncomfortable. In addition, some are too comfortable in that they do not have the motion control ability that is needed. With the Brooks Adrenalin GTS 10, which is in its 10th edition, mild overpronation can be a thing of the past.

This shoe is thought of as the most popular shoe that the Brooks industry has created. This shoe, according to Runner’s Worlds Winter Shoe Guide of 2010, is considered the Best Update. This shoe was made more breathable by enhancing the upper material of the shoe and improving the construction without tampering with its control. It has a caterpillar heel pad, which has been more segmented, and increases were made to the heel bevel. These modifications help to effectively slow down pronation.

The Asics Evolution 5

This shoe is the only shoe in the Asics’ motion control class but is considered on of the best running shoes for flat feet. Asics offers a variety of choices for overpronators, but Asics Evolution 5 is designed for severe overpronation since it gives maximum support. It has been made to control the motion of flat feet while running by its material, the engineering of the shoe, and the fit. A 5th edition has just been released that gives better shock absorption, an improved Asics Gel compartment in the forefeet and heel, and better control.

The Nike Zoom Structure Triax + 13

This shoe is the motion control trademark shoe of Nike, which gives support and stability that is needed by most overpronators. This shoe is ideal for moderate to severe overpronators. The Nike Zoom Structure Triax + is now in its 13th edition and features a universal that is comfortable for those with flat feet. This shoe has asymmetrical overlays that are placed in areas to keep the foot in place. The Zoom Air compartments give rebounding energy and shock absorption to help the user perform better.


Those who have a pronation in their feet and want to find the best running shoes to correct pronation will definitely benefit with using the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10, the Asics Evolution 5, or the Nike Zoom Structure Triax + 13. These shoes range in their ability to help those with mild to severe foot overpronation.


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