Review of the Schwinn 231 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Info About The Manual And Seat Of the Schwinn 231

The manual for the Schwinn 231 recumbent exercise bike is written in an easily understood format- with thorough explanation of the things that need to be understood. (like the features of the bike and how to operate it) The bike comes at 149$ at the Stepper Superstore.

Apart from many, if not most bikes, the seat of this bike is very comfortable. If you’re asking yourself "well, how much difference does that make?", really contemplate how much difference it DOES make. If you have ever ridden a bike with a less than perfect seat, you know how sore your butt becomes. To get the best results, use the manual to guide you to adjust seat height. If you make sure to adjust the top strap of the pedals, the feeling of them is great. If you read the manual, you will get the console – all functions and operations of it. The heart rate monitor works well, as long as you have patience with it and use common sense while operating it.

Specifications For The Schwinn 231 Recumbent Exercise Bike

The bike has transport wheels, making it easy to transport the bike. The following is the warranty for this bike: 10 years for the frame, 1 year for electrical and mechanical, 6 months for wear items, and 90 days for labor.

Included in the bike are 16 different levels of resistance. There are many programs included in this bike. These are the programs: calorie goal, fitness test, time trial, BMI measurement, results mode, recovery test, quick start, and manual mode. There are also preset profile courses. The following workout statistics exist in this bike: distance, pulse, speed, calories, resistance, RPM, watts, interval time, and time.

How Is This Bike To Ride? What About The Programs?

How is the bike to ride? It’s great – thanks again, to the excellent seat. It wobbles a little bit while riding hard, but is really not a problem. It’s a quiet bike, and changing workload is done in liquid fashion.

The programs on this bike are great, so take the time to really get a grip on how to use them. The settings that you have used are saved, which is very handy, as the next time you ride the bike you don’t have to input everything again. When you do put in information, it’s very quickly done. The intensity of the fan on this bike can be adjusted.

Schwinn 231 Compared To Schwinn 230

You might have seen that a Schwinn 230 exists as well. Now the question is, is this bike worth spending an extra 100$ on?

With the 230 you cannot check your heart rate – meaning you cannot optimize your heart rate for maximal weight loss/endurance. When it comes to programs available, the 231 has 23 over the 12 that the 230 model has. The pedals of the 230 model have no straps, while the 231 model does. The 230 model lacks a fan. The 230 model has a harder to read display.

The customer service is very helpful, so if there is a problem with the bike, you can call them and get instant help.