List of Best Hiking Shoes for Your Kids

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Kids behave differently from grown ups, especially in outdoor activities. They have a lot of energy and they move around a lot. You need to look for comfortable and sturdy hiking shoes if you want your kids to have a pleasant hiking experience. What are the best hiking shoes for kids? Here are some suggestions.

Vasque Breeze Hiking Boots

This is a waterproof pair of boots with tough suede uppers which are light and flexible enough to provide kids with a comfortable fit. The outsoles provide a hard grip supported by technology that is also used in shoes for adults. Promising to be durable and comfortable at the same time and providing protection from water and moisture, these hiking boots are perfect for energetic kids who are pumped up about their first few hiking trips.

North Face Betasso Trail Running Shoe

Hiking is not just for boys. Young girls can get into hiking and running too, and this shoe is specifically designed for little girls’ hiking needs. The shoe is lightweight, which makes it comfortable for girls to run around a lot. Its upper is made of highly breathable mesh which prevents little girls’ feet from being swampy. The upper also has an overlay that protects the shoe from the usual and rugged wear-and-tear, ensuring that it will last till they are outgrown. With its cord lacing that includes a plastic aglet, the shoe makes it easy to take them off or put them on. Whether on a rocky trail or on a playground, this shoe will keep little girls moving like little balls of energy.

Gore-Tex Hiking Footwear

Performance and comfort do not usually come together, especially when we’re talking about hiking boots. Some boots can boost the performance of kids by providing a durable coverage for the feet, but they can get pretty uncomfortable after some time. Getting wet can also cause major discomfort. Some boots deal with discomofort by using materials that let feet breathe, but they don’t last long after some regular wear-and-tear. The Gore-Tex Performance Comfort hiking footwear deals with these two issues at the same time, providing energetic and adventurous kids with a durable and comfortable pair of boots for regular use.

Keen Youth Targhee Hiking Shoe

You don’t have to worry about your kids stepping in or jumping on puddles if you have this hiking shoe protecting their feet. Since kids move around a lot, they will often get their shoes and the inside of them wet with water, moisture or sweat. This can usually lead to blisters. This hiking shoe prevents this with the use of a moisture-wicking lining, keeping your kid’s feet nice and dry. This shoe also features a carbon-rubber sole that gives proper traction to your kids, preventing slips while they are running around and keeping the atmosphere electric and alive.

Boys’ Mantra Hiking Shoe

Long treks along rugged terrain can be a little bit of a hassle, especially for little kids. This hiking shoe removes that rain from your family’s outdoor hiking parade. The great comfortable fit of this hiking shoe provides a firm grip on the terrain and appropriate support for kids’ feet. The cushioned comfort of this hiking shoe will keep kids hiking, running, and walking all day without any bouts of blisters and tired feet.

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