Review of the iPlatform Professional Exercise Trainer

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What is the iPlatform Professional Trainer?

The iPlatform Professional Trainer is an exercise machine that claims it can work out the muscles that do not get targeted when one is at the gym. It is does so by vibration training. Vibration training is when a person stands on a vibrating platform and their muscles twich and react to the motion of the platform.

The iPlatform has workout routines programmed into it and it claims to be able to burn more calories than a regular workout. These machines can be purchased and used at home.

How Does it Work?

In order to use the iPlatform, the user has to sit, squat, or pose in a certain way while standing on the plate. Mechanical vibrations come up through the plate and into the body of the user. The person using the plate will shake gently while holding the position that they are in.

The workout itself is about twenty minutes and is said to be equivalent to spending a full hour at the gym.

Product Details

This machine has twenty workouts pre-programmed into it. The product recommends ten minutes of exercise per day in order to see results. The newer models have more powerful motors and improved oscillation systems. This product weighs approximately ninety three pounds and is selling for around nine hundred dollars.

The trainer is relatively easy to use, as all one has to do is turn it on and stand on it in the required pose. Whether this is the exercise solution for a person depends on how interested in vibration training they are.

Is the Trainer for You?

There are many positive elements to vibration training. First of all the entire workout should not be longer than twenty minutes at a time. This means that the user will save precious minutes a day on exercise. However this does not mean that the exercise one gets from the iPlatform is easy. In fact it is surprising how intense the workout is.

There are medical benefits to vibration training. Some of these include increased blood flow, improved muscle tone, improved bladder control and natural hormone balance is improved as well with the use of this trainer. Not to mention, weight loss is a result of vibration training. At the end of most vibration training sessions there is a massage to cool down. This helps improve the appearance of cellulite.

While vibration training has many good points, it is not a training method that can be used by everyone. People with certain medical conditions should not try vibration training. Those that suffer from an illness should check with their doctor before embarking on this method of weight loss. Lastly, beginners will need to tailor their workouts to their needs as taking on too much with vibration training can lead to them feeling overwhelmed.