How to Bring Skates on a Plane: Tips and Tricks for Inline and Roller Skaters

The airport has become a tricky place to navigate. Airline screeners are only doing their job when they refuse such things as grandma's knitting needles and skates. Whether you are going on a vacation, business trip or skating event, know how to bring skates on a plane.

Roller skates and inline skates are the main focus of this article. Ice skates require more intense prepartation, starting with a call to the airlines that you will be flying. They can give written permission to bring the skates on the plane, eliminating a portion of the hassle.

You can employ the same method for your dry land skates, but will still need to take the following precautions.

Hold Onto Your Skates

Pack your skates in your carry-on. Sending them through as luggage can be the same as kissing them goodbye. Instead, make room in your carry-on and be prepared to talk to the TSA screener.

Remove the Bearings

Taking the bearings out of your skates eliminates some of the problems. Be advised that bearings in a test tube look deceptively like a bomb to screeners. Be ready to explain what they are and do not attempt to hide them in your bag.

Skate Tools

Skate tools will be very necessary once you reach your destination and need to put your skates back together. Confiscated skate tools are unfortunately common. Avoid having them taken away by tucking them into your bag. If you have a separate carrying case for them that may be even better. Have a second set available, or at the very least find out a head of time if the destination you are traveling to has a nearby sporting goods store!

Pack Well

Use clear, resealable bags to pack all the different components of your skate bag. Placing extra wheels in one bag, skate tools in another, nuts and bolts, energy gels, and laces in others creates an easy bag to search and put back together once they are done. This in turn creates an easier time getting your skating equipment through security.

Maintain Your Composure

Keep your fear, anger, and embarrassment under control when being searched or questioned. Getting overly worked up will not help you in getting your skates on the plane. Skates are ultimately not all that difficult to pass through airport security, you just have to follow a few guidelines and be willing to answer their questions.

If you are going to participate in a particular race, derby bout, or other event, bringing documentation can speed up the process. You may be asked questions about the sport, you may be ignored, either way, having a reason for flying with your skates is helpful.


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