Review of the Electra Townie Bicycle

(5 out of 5)

I did not set out to purchase an Electra Townie. Truth be told, I did not purchase one. I did not need a new bike. The bicycles in my garage were perfectly fine for running errands and trips to the park with the kids.

I was surprised on my birthday when a stunning pink pearl Electra Townie rolled into my life. This gift changed the way I approach biking. The technical aspects of the bike follow, but the main personal benefit is that I no longer have to change into appropriate bike riding apparel. This is a huge plus during the summer since I often wear skirts and dresses with sandals. Other bikes forced me to slip into shorts and sturdier shoes before hopping on my bike.


Flat Foot Technology. The Electra Townie is equipped with flat foot technology, meaning that at a stop, you can comfortably and naturally place both feet flat on the ground. There is no need to teeter on your toes when at a complete stop. For this reason alone I recommend this bike to senior citizens or anyone who does not feel stable on a regular bike.

Relaxed Seating Postition. Electra Townies allow you to sit in a relaxed seated position and it is very easy to slide onto the bike, even in a dress. The pedals are pushed slightly forward, rather than down. This slightly recumbent action takes a little getting used to, but provides a very comfortable ride.

Pedal Brakes. The Electra Townie has pedal brakes that are easy to use. The pedal brakes, coupled with the retro styling, creates a real throwback to the bikes I used to love as a little girl.

Cost. The Electra Townie costs around $500 and is worth every penny. This sturdy, yet lightweight, aluminum frame has a full length chain guard and wide gel-padded seat. The bike cruises well and the gears shift smoothly. This is a bike that can easily be ridden for many miles without feeling any strain in your arms, back or rear end!


Seat Postition. Easily positioned, the seat can be raised to the level you are most comfortable with, without any tools. This is bonus for tool-challenged people like myself.

Color. The company must have anticipated the fans the Electra Townie would generate with its sleek and sassy style. There are many accessories and extras that you can purchase to fully customize your bike, starting with the color. The Townie comes in a unique leafy green, pink pearl and turquoise floral fade, among other more standard colors like red, white and black.

Accessories. There are colored chain guards, bike bags and baskets, water bottle holders, bike racks and fenders. You can also choose from a variety of bells, streamers, valve caps and stickers for your Electra. All of these options make it easy to create a bike that is unmistakably yours.


  • Based on the author’s own experience using the product reviewed.