Total Gym 1000 Exercise List, Manual, and Tips

Total Gym

The Total Gym uses the weight of your own body as resistance. This makes the Total Gym a very convenient way to exercise, as you never have to change weight plates. Tension for Total Gym is adjustable via the incline bench. The higher the incline that you use, the more resistance that is added to your workouts. The Total Gym really is an all-in-one portable exercise machine. It allows you to do several gym workout routines from the comfort of your home. Better yet, the Total Gym is one piece of lightweight equipment that can give you a full body workout. No need to have several weight machines if you own a Total Gym. Check out a great overview of the Total Gym’s capabilities with the Total Gym 1000 exercise list.

Lateral Squat

lateral squat

The first exercise is the lateral squat. For this exercise, you will need to use the foot attachment that comes with the Total Gym. By using incline and gravity as resistance, lateral squats on the Total Gym are not only effective, but low impact as well. The slider/back rest makes it easy for a beginner to do squats, but also adds just the right amount of resistance for a good leg workout. Doing squats on the Total Gym 1000 can also save your back from possible damage, as you never have to balance heavy weights.

Plyometric Overhead Press


The plyometric overhead press is one of the more challenging exercises for the Total Gym 1000. To do the exercise, you need to lay on the Total Gym inverted, or upside down. Place both hands on the foot attachment and push your body’s weight up. This exercise is great for the shoulders and upper back.

Seated Row

seated row

The seated row is a great exercise to use with the Total Gym 1000 to work the upper arms and tricep muscles. To do seated rows, sit down on the Total Gym seat with your back facing the lower end. Grip each handle firmly and pull yourself forward. Be sure to keep your back straight and position steady.

Arm Pullover


The arm pullover is a great exercise for building strength all throughout your arms. To do this exercise, start by laying flat on the Total Gym with your back against the seat. You should be facing away from the Total Gym. Grip a handle firmly in each hand, lift your feet off the ground and place them on the bottom of the seat, and let the seat slide as far down as possible. Your hands should be positioned over your head. Use the handles to pull yourself up, using an outward eclipse motion. Return to starting position and repeat.


Those are just 4 basic exercises from the Total Gym 1000 exercise list. There are many more. Some people even make up their own variations of exercises that work better for their own workouts. The Total Gym really is a great piece of fitness equipment at an affordable price. It is also one of the few things that you see on television that actually is effective.


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