Types of Exercise Equipment for Dogs

What’s a dog to do? Honestly, there is just about as much for dogs to do as there is for people to do. These days, our dogs have sitters, groomers, trainers, hospitals, gourmet food and spas, too. They can even have all these services brought to them. To add to the list, our dogs have many exercise options. They are no longer limited to activities like chasing a ball. Dogs can get into shape using dog exercise equipment, whether carefully and creatively homemade or purchased.

We know that dogs are agile, moving in and out of areas very gracefully and quickly. They climb, run fast and jump high. We must admire their balancing ability as demonstrated while riding in vehicles. Any talk about masters of stamina and endurance, and we must give props to our dogs. What makes dogs so respectable, other than the fact that they bite, is their staying power. Dogs don’t, typically, back down from anyone or anything. This makes them excellent candidates for exercise training programs, and deservingly, using exercise equipment made just for dogs.

As you can see, just as people use exercise equipment and endeavor to eat healthy get into or keep in shape, dogs can, too. There are many health benefits for exercising dogs, including maintaining a healthy weight. In order to get the best bang for their care giver’s “big” bucks, I have listed several dog exercise equipment items and minimum prices that you may want to consider. Although not as easily accessible as exercise equipment we use, it can be obtained. Some pet stores carry exercise equipment for dogs as well as customary exercise equipment stores.

Pet Treadmill, $560

Dog Exercise Wheel, $600

Weave Poles. $20

Packaged Agility Course Kit, $70

Keep in mind that, if you don’t find something that will work for your dog, you still have the option of homemade exercise equipment for dogs.