product review of the door gym

Sometimes I just feel the need to stretch my arms and shoulders. Other times I want to work on my pull-ups during strength training or after my regular jog on the treadmill. Regardless, our Door Gym has been a welcomed addition to the exercise equipment in our home.

Simplicity and space considerations have always been among the first considerations when we’ve purchased any fitness equipment. We’re not drawn to fancy equipment or complex machines when it comes to working out; neither do we have the room for a lot of cardio and weight training equipment, other than some free weights and a treadmill. Enter the Door Gym.

The Door Gym is a relatively new creation by Creative Fitness, Inc. After seeing the Door Gym advertised on television, I did some research, asked some questions and ordered one directly from the company. Although I tend to be a skeptic when it comes to the touted benefits of fitness equipment advertised by individuals with 6-pak abs and lean bodies, the Door Gym made sense in the way it was said to work.

We use the Door Gym strictly as a pull-up bar. It’s made of tubular steel and attaches above any doorway with wood molding or trim that’s between 1 1/2" and 3 1/2" in width. The basic Door Gym will fit a framed doorway that’s between 24" and 32" wide. Extension bars can be purchased for wider doorways, up to 45", but I think they are terribly expensive. The basic Door Gym costs between $45 and $50; extension bars for a wider doorway runs around $25. Because it doesn’t attach with screws or fasteners, there’s no damage to doorways, molding or walls. Instead, the Door Gym rests on the trim above the door and uses the weight of a person’s body as leverage to hold it in place.

Although the Door Gym can be put up and taken down in seconds, we leave ours in place because it’s attached to an out-of-the-way doorway. We haven’t put it to the weight test, but the company assures that the Door Gym can support anyone weighing under 300 lbs. Other than being a bit pricey, in our opinion, the Door Gym does exactly what the company claims it will do.