Bariatric Exercise Equipment for the Obese Population: Specific Criteria Must Be Met in Order to Provide an Efficient Workout

Bariatric Exercise Equipment for the Obese Population: Specific Criteria Must Be Met in Order to Provide  an Efficient Workout
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Exercise and Obesity

Working to alleviate the onset of obesity is a tough task to undertake. This is especially true if a person is significantly overweight. Being more than a hundred pounds overweight makes it extremely challenging to find bariatric exercise equipment that is durable enough to withstand the weight of the user and will provide the user with a workout that is challenging, but not overly strenuous on the body.

An Elliptical Trainer is a Great Bariatric Exercise Machine

Important Features of Elliptical Trainers

In order to identify which exercise equipment is best for people who are severely overweight, it is important to note that not all exercise equipment is equal. The types of exercise equipment that helps a person lose weight and stay motivated to continue exercising, is workout equipment that offers the user a wide variety of settings.

Resistance Settings

An obese individual will obtain an efficient workout by using an elliptical exercise machine. An elliptical trainer with various resistance settings and different speeds allows the user to personalize their own workouts. By being able to control these settings, the exerciser can design a workout based on their fitness level. As their cardiovascular conditioning and overall fitness level improves, they can adjust the machine when needed.

Self Propelled Versus Computerized

There are many different elliptical trainers in stores that are available to the public. However, severely overweight consumers need to consider a variety of factors when choosing bariatric exercise equipment. Another factor obese individuals need to consider when purchasing an elliptical machine is whether it utilizes a more self-propelled source of energy or a more computerized source of energy.

This feature is important because people who are obese often find it a lot harder to work out when they are out of shape. Having extra weight on the body frame also makes it even more of a challenge to stay on a machine, especially if only the movement of the person propels it on it. This is why if a consumer is thinking about purchasing an elliptical trainer, they should look for an elliptical trainer that offers a computerized source of energy.


Durability is also another important feature obese consumers need to take into consideration when searching for the right elliptical trainer. Since the user might weigh more than most elliptical trainers are able to handle, they need to make sure they find out whether the machine they are purchasing has a designated weight limit. It doesn’t make sense to purchase a machine that is not designed to handle a large amount of weight.

Backward Movement

Another important feature a consumer should consider when looking at elliptical trainers is whether the pedals have the ability move in a backward motion. This is a great workout for the back of the legs. It also helps to add variety to the elliptical workout, so the user can switch between forward and backward motions. If the user is not interested in this particular feature they can omit it from their list of requirements.

The Miniature Trampoline Provides Variety to a Workout


Important Features of the Miniature Trampoline

Another great workout for people who are obese is the miniature trampoline. However, there are some important guidelines severely overweight people need to consider prior to purchasing this type of bariatric exercise equipment.

A miniature trampoline is a great way for people in this population to get in a good workout, with low impact on the knees and joints. What can be more fun than bouncing up and down and being able to feel light on your feet?

The miniature trampoline allows the exerciser to use their creativity to produce their own workout routines. If they want a lower impact workout, they can use the trampoline to jump lightly for a lower intensity workout. There are even exercise DVD’s they can purchase to help them get the most out of their miniature trampoline.

If kickboxing is their passion, they can use kickboxing techniques, with different types of kick and punch combinations. They can also make up their own routine and go at their own pace.

Weight Limit

The most important features obese consumers should look for when shopping for a miniature trampoline is the weight limit. Make sure to check whether the miniature trampoline is durable enough to handle a larger amount of weight.

Flexible or Firm Springs

If the consumer is more interested in a springy jump, they will need to find a trampoline that has flexible springs as opposed to firmer springs. It would be a good idea for the consumer to test out different miniature trampolines at sporting good stores, in order to get a feel of what features they like and which ones they can live without.


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