The Best and Worst Diet and Exercise Plans

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What to Look For In a Plan

Choosing the right diet and exercise plan can be a daunting task. To determine what works and what plan is the best for you, you should rely on good, sound nutrition, as well as a safe and healthy exercise regimen.

Healthier & Safer Plans

P90X has become one of the most popular exercise and diet plans on the current market. The creator, Tony Horton, has broken the workout segments into different workouts for different body parts, as well as one for yoga, abs, stretching, and more.

The basis of this program is to keep the body guessing by mixing it up during the length of training. There is so much in-depth information on how this program works, including a step by step explanation in each workout segment. Tony’s program starts participants off at their own personal fitness level, and helps them build their fitness from where they begin.

One of the more sensible diet plans is the Eat Clean Diet. Created by Tosca Reno, its concept is to simply eat fresh, nutritiously balanced meals, several times a day to boost the metabolism and maintain a healthy weight. A complete and easy to follow explanation of how to follow this plan is outlined in her books, The Eat Clean Diet, and The Eat Clean Diet Cookbook.

Unsafe Diet & Exercise Plans

The Atkins Diet is still a winner for some, but is one of the worst healthwise simply because of its calorie restriction and dangerously low amount of carbohydrates. Carbs are not bad for you, and the human brain needs at least 100 grams just to function. Many people with conditions such as heart disease and diabetes are not recommended to follow this type of plan as a healthy way to lose weight, as it it very high in saturated fats.

The Bikini Diet: This plan starts off with the concept of using a 9 inch plate, and filling it with portion sizes of food based on the size of a bikini. The Bikini Diet’s foundation of how you eat is in proportioning macronutrients: protein, carbohydrates and fat, by the bikini top and bottom, as well as a bottle of sunscreen. This plan is too loosely organized for someone who needs guidance with their nutrition, and doesn’t teach the individual what foods they should be consuming for a healthy diet.

Online Fitness Training Programs have the best of intentions, but do not give the person using them the proper kind of support. There are some really great online exercise plans out there, but most of the people who need them lack the discipline and willpower to follow through and make their fitness goals stick, especially without any personalized support.

The Good, The Bad, & Plans That Work

Overall, any one plan is sound and user-worthy so long as it has realistic steps to follow for each individual, based on their current weight and fitness level. Most people looking for a diet and/or exercise program need guidance and support. If any diet or exercise plan doesn’t give information that is easy to follow or doesn’t make you feel healthier, it’s probably not the best one for you.


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