Quick Weight Loss Tips

Quick Weight Loss Tips
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Why I Needed Quick Weight Loss Tips

Last Saturday I ate a pound of chocolate, two hams, assorted casseroles, sixteen hot dogs, and a can of frosting. I didn’t feel very good. I resolved to make a change.

My resolve lasted until my wife brought home a large pizza on Monday. Vowing not to overeat the next day, I snacked on fruits and vegetables until noon before enjoying two huge plates of lasagna. Things would be different the next day I proclaimed. And they were. Instead of eating too much Italian food for lunch and dinner, I began eating too much Italian food for breakfast along with a pint of ice cream.

As I stood on the scales Saturday morning, I wept.

I needed to lose weight, and I needed to lose it fast. These quick weight loss tips helped.

Quick Weight Loss TIps

Before sharing the weight loss tips that helped me shed those unwanted pounds in a hurry, I need to specify what is meant by “quick.” Since it is unhealthy to lose more than three pounds per week, quick means three pounds per week.

Tip #1 - Change Your Emotional Mindset

If you’re looking to lose 5-6 pounds over the next two weeks, you can’t keep doing the same things that got you 5-6 pounds overweight. You need to make a serious mental and emotional investment in changing. It needs to be more than a flippant, I’m going to start my diet tomorrow. Start by setting a goal, writing it down, and creating a plan.

Tip #2 - Track What You Eat

Write down everything you eat, immediately. Carry a notepad with you. Overeating is an emotional reaction. Combat it with logic and accountability. Writing down what you eat will help you recognize the mental deceptions that got you overweight in the first place and help you prevent you from sabotaging yourself.

Tip #3 - Drink A Lot of Water

Nutritionists recommend eight 8-ounce cups of water daily. Water helps your body’s organs function efficiently and helps with energy levels. Water also puts something in your belly.

Tip #4 - Slow Down

Food tastes better when you chew it. There is a delay between the time your stomach is sufficiently full and the time your brain realizes your stomach is full. If you eat too fast, your brain thinks your belly isn’t full when it is full.

Tip #5 - Exercise

Everyone knows that the key to losing weight is exercise and healthy eating. Then why are there so many fat people? Talking about exercise produces nothing. Vigorous daily exercise leads to healthy weight loss. If you already exercised and the pounds aren’t coming off, you need to increase the workout intensity or try something new.

Tip #6 = Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are those colorful foods often found in the produce section of the grocery store. Eat them for snacks instead of junk.

Weight Loss Advice: What Not To Do

Sometimes it seems like we’re doing the right things to lose weight, but it’s just not happening. Avoid these weight loss killers and it will.

Tip #1 - Do Not Skip Meals

Although skipping a meal or two will provide a short term weight loss fix, by short term we mean until the next meal. Skipping meals is unhealthy. It lessens the likelihood of exercise. It leads to binge eating.

Tip #2 - Diets Don’t Work

If diets work so well, why have you tried forty-three of them? Diets are temporary. The quick weight loss that comes with fad diets does not produce healthy results. Eat right and exercise and you’ll lose weight fast.

Tip #3 - Avoid Gimmicks

Food companies spend millions of dollars to get you to buy their food. One of the most common ploys is to extol the foods health benefits–Cookie Crisp cereal is high in fiber, licorice is a low fat food, ice cream has calcium and is good for your bones. If a food’s advertisement seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Tip #4 - Don’t Weigh Yourself Every Day

When you’re looking to lose weight fast, it’s natural to obsess over how much you weigh. Stop. You don’t need to weigh yourself every day. Daily fluctuations in weight are natural and don’t necessarily indicate “true” weight gain or loss. Weekly or bi-monthly weigh-ins give a true sense of which direction you’re headed.

Tip #5 - Don’t Use Weight Loss Drugs

One of the benefits of weight loss is improved health. If what you’re doing to lose weight hurts your health then weight loss is counterproductive. Weight loss pills are a symptom of not wanting to pay the price for weight loss. There are no shortcuts to health.

Tip #5 - Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Be realistic. You’re not going to become a Hollywood starlet in two weeks. Be patient.