Fun and Effective Daily Workout Options for Weight Management

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It Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

It can be tough to stay motivated when it comes to executing an effective daily workout routine. Sometimes it might seem easier and even more fun just to skip it altogether, but that does not have to be the case. In fact there is no reason you can’t make exercising fun, which makes it easier to stay in shape and manage your weight.

After all, the only way to successful weight management and a healthy heart is to get up and get fit. With these seven effective workout options, you will never run out of fun ideas to get active.

Walk with Leslie Sansone

What’s great about Leslie’s workout videos is that any person of any fitness level can find a good match. From easy paced one mile walks to five mile interval training sessions, Leslie has a fun way of getting you through the thick of it without even feeling like it’s work. She focuses on a whole body workout and puts a big emphasis on heart health.


This fabulous program was designed to get just about anyone up and running three miles in about nine weeks. You start off gentle and work your way up, and what is fun about it is being able to challenge yourself on a weekly basis. The program is designed to be used three days a week, leaving plenty of room for mixing it up with different kinds of workouts throughout the rest of the week.

For a free copy of the program details, visit the Cool Running website.

Dance Dance Revolution

Some might think of the game as just that, but in fact it’s an effective workout for the thighs, arms and heart while keeping weight management under control. Nowadays you can play right in the comfort of your own home as long as you have a Wii, [Playstation]( brihub02-20) or [Xbox]( brihub02-20) around. Being able to play with the kids or friends makes time fly by and before you know it you’ve racked up a gallon of sweat and the 30-minute mark has long since passed.

Walking With Friends

Not only is walking great for weight management, but it is an easy way to keep up with continuing a daily workout. Go a step further than committing to a weekly walk-a-thon with friends and consider starting a small competition.

For example, you can hold a sprint race after each walking date to see who’s been practicing and who has improved most since the week before. Things like this can keep the walks interesting and at the same time motivate everyone to stay active the rest of the week.


Whether you choose to go to a class at your local gym or to do the workout using a DVD at home, Zumba is an effective workout that works the entire body in a fast-paced setting. This ensures you are burning maximum calories during your workout without feeling like its a chore. Latin rhythms set the tone for the Zumba program and the flowing dance moves make the entire workout feel like a party.

Learn more at the Zumba website.


Nia is a great weight management tool that focuses on movement in a number of ways; martial arts, dance and healing. Complete with a belt system like karate, everyone has something to work toward when choosing to incorporate Nia into their active lifestyle.

The program is very easy to start that any age level and fitness level can enjoy. The tone is more relaxed than high intensity cardio programs like Zumba provide so it’s a great option to split up the monotony throughout the week.

Nia classes can be found nationwide and DVDs can be found on their website.


You probably haven’t thought of a Pogo stick since you were a kid, but, in fact, even a doctor swears by it as an effective daily workout.

The newer versions of the Pogo stick are pretty high tech and provide plenty of fun while keeping the heart rate up. In fact, some sticks can go up several feet in the air, providing a whole different reason for the racing heart!


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