The Benefits of Kickboxing Classes

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A Full Body Workout

Kickboxing is about as close to a full body workout as you can come in one session. The benefits of kickboxing are truly amazing. It’s a great form of cardiovascular exercise. Take one class and you’ll see what I mean. Even a beginner’s kickboxing class will keep you moving for a true aerobic workout. The benefits don’t stop there either. Kickboxing moves constantly work the core. The core muscles are those muscles in the abdominal region, back, and around the waist. A well-toned core protects you from back injury while it trims the waist. Kickboxing moves like the bob and weave are perfect moves for core flexibility as well.

Core muscles get a good stretch as they are tightened, which can mean not only a stronger, but more flexible back. This is a one-two punch when it comes to back health. A strong and flexible core is less likely to be injured. Beyond the core, the benefits of kickboxing include great muscle building. Many of the exercises tone both upper and lower body muscles. The various kicks work nearly every muscle in the butt and legs. Punches and elbow jabs tighten and tone the arms and shoulder muscles. Finally, kickboxing has some great mental benefits. Kicking and punching may seem a little aggressive, but it’s actually a perfect way to work off a lot of stress. Stress and anxiety can be greatly alleviated through exercise, and kickboxing is a nice way to do it.

Getting Started Kickboxing

If you’re new to kickboxing, you’ll need to sign up for a class in order to learn the basic moves. Two or three hour-long classes a week are enough if you’re a beginner. When you sign up, ask the instructor what fitness level the class is geared for, so that you don’t take on more than you can do. Be sure to allow a day in between so that your muscles can recover. Eventually, work your way up to four workouts a week. Once you know what you’re doing, a dvd will suffice. You can even take the knowledge you’ve learned in class and make up your own routine. The benefits of kickboxing go far beyond being an effective form of cardio. Why not give this fun and energetic workout a try? You’ll love the results.