Great Exercises for Obesity

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If you are wondering how to get started exercising if you’re significantly overweight, consider a walking program. No other form of exercise is easier to do at any level. Simply start slowly and continue to build upon your beginning level. Even if you can only handle a 10 minute slow-paced walk, go for it. You’ll be amazed at how your energy will soar, and soon you’ll be taking 30 minute excursions every evening. Choose a good, supportive pair of walking shoes and dress comfortably. Walk at a pace fast enough that you can carry on a conversation. The important thing is to stick with it, not how much you can do. Increase the time and speed of your walk in small increments as tolerated.

Water Exercises

Water exercises are good exercises for obesity, since the stress on the joints is less in the water. You can begin to build muscle in a safe way in the water. Water exercises use the resistance provided by the water to help burn calories and strengthen muscles. Many community centers offer beginner classes in this area of exercise. Be sure to follow proper form in order to avoid injury. Ankle and wrist weights are even available for the water, if you want to add greater resistance to your workout. Water aerobics is another way to exercise in the water. This form of aerobics is low impact. If you love the water, why not give water aerobics a try?

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise, and for this reason, it’s perfect for overweight exercisers. You can enjoy increased range of motion while you build muscle. The added benefit of great stress reduction makes tai chi an even more attractive exercise option. Tai chi classes and dvds are widely available. Since obesity can result from chronic stress, tai chi may actually benefit overweight exercisers in more ways than you might think. You’ll lower belly fat causing stress hormones as you calm ragged emotions that can lead to overeating.