The Top 5 Cardio Exercises For Losing Weight

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All Exercises Are Not Created Equal

All cardio exercises are not created equal. Although biking, swimming,and jogging are aerobic exercises they do not all yield the same results. Well, in some ways they do. Performing some type of cardio on a regular basis will improve your cardio-pulmonary functions, as well as give you more energy and assist you in losing weight. However, some cardio exercises will get you to your goals quicker than others. Here are the top 5 aerobic exercises (in no particular order)

1. Nordic Walking


3. Spinning

4. Rowing

5. Elliptical Machine

Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is a great form of aerobic exercise because it gives you a total body workout. But because you’re walking, it’s low impact, which makes this a form of cardio that anybody can do! Nordic walking is better than regular walking because of the poles. They provide a complete upper body workout (as moving the poles causes you to engage your shoulders, chest, back and abs) To get an even better workout, try a course that has many different hills and valleys.


Like Nordic Walking, swimming is also a total body exercise. However it is no-impact as opposed to low-impact, making it perfect for older adults or people with severe joint problems. Swimming engages every muscle in your body, it’s a perfect way to tone. And because your in water, you don’t ever have to worry about sweating!


Spinning is a great exercise for several reasons. First of all it is low impact, so its not hard on your joints. Second, it has the capacity to burn up to 1,000 calories in a 1 hour session. This is possible because the legs are the largest muscle on the body and if the tension on the bike is kept high, those large muscles are forced to work extremely hard. The drawback of spinning is that it has minimal impact on the upper body.


Rowing is an excellent choice because it is both low-impact and it engages all the major muscle groups. Although overlooked by most cardio enthusiasts, the rowing machine is an excellent way to sculpt a sexy back, sleek shoulders, long, lean arms, and tight, toned legs. It will add some much-needed variety to your cardio routine.

Elliptical Machine

One of the most popular machines is also one of the best machines. The elliptical machine combines cardio with light resistance for a fantastic all-over work out. Because elliptical is no-impact, it is often preferred over treadmills. You should always opt for a machine with attachments for your arms, as swinging them back and forth burns so many more calories. Be sure to pedal backward and forward to get the most out of this exercise.