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Exercises That Slim Down your Belly: Get the Skinny Here

written by: Daniel P. McGoldrick • edited by: KJ Fitness,Ink • updated: 4/29/2009

Exercises that slim down your belly won’t provide visible results without the proper diet, but with the strategies, knowledge, and specified exercises here in this two part series plus your efforts, the six-pack can be achieved. Start here.

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    What Are the Exercises that Slim Down Your Belly?

    The washboard abs you seek are possible with the exercises described in this two-part series provided you are practicing them simultaneously with a good diet that gives you the proper nutrition and keeps the fat from accumulating there. However, this series deals exclusively with exercises that slim down your belly so if you want additional information about good dieting practices and advice, Bright Hub has an abundant supply of information. Just use our search mechanism to find the best dietary strategies.

    The other factor is that you’ll have to do a lot of cardio too and the truth is you’re already giving your abs and belly a work out when you run, dance, or use an elliptical machine. Many people become frustrated after they do many core exercises but never see the results. You’ll never see the result of all that work without fat-burning cardio madness. So you’ll have to trade in that time doing ab work or resistance training for more cardio to make this happen for you.

    Nevertheless, you will have to commit some time to a lower abdominal workout that works fast. Upper ab workouts involve bringing your pelvis to the sternum while lower ab work is generally the opposite, bringing your pelvis to the sternum. Now both kinds are going to of course work all of your abdominal muscles to some extent but the specific exercises I will pinpoint will be an excellent lower abdominal workout.

    It’s also a good idea to do a little bit of core work with every workout above and beyond the times once or twice a week that you concentrate on them with a series of exercises. But vary it up because this muscle group is smart and they’ll acclimate to repeating the same exercises over and over which will reduce the effectiveness of your efforts. By utilizing this strategy, you’ll maintain a conscious connection with the role diet and nutrition has in slimming down your belly. You might think a little bit harder about eating that extra helping when you remember all the hard work you put in to this quadrant of your body.

    Finally, all these abdominal exercises aren’t exclusively for aesthetic purposes. That fat that accumulates down there is not good for you and it can cause all kinds of trouble later in life such as increased risk for heart disease. Being steadfast with an exercise to slim down your belly is an extremely daunting task for most humans so set your goals realistically and feel good about the work you do.