Discover Which Exercises Burn the Most Calories: Try One of These Top Calorie Burning Cardio Exercises

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Biggest Burners

If you want to lose weight, it’s important to blast fat with cardiovascular exercise. According to the Mayo Clinic, these are some of the top calorie burning activities you can choose for your best weight loss workout. The calorie counts listed are for a 160 pound person.

1. Running: This is one hot activity. If you’re looking to burn over 986 calories per hour and you want to really improve your cardiovascular conditioning, get started on a running program. This is one tough workout, probably best for those who are not new to exercise. If you’re just starting to get fit, try moving from walking to jogging before you tackle a running workout. This will help to prevent injuries.

2. Rollerblading: Can you believe such a fun activity burns so many calories? Rollerblade for an hour and you could burn 913 calories. Rollerblade safely with a helmet and knee and elbow pads. Make sure you rollerblade in safe areas without a lot of hills, especially if you are new to the sport.

3. Jump Rope: It’s hard to beat jump roping for the calorie burn, 730 per hour, and the convenience. All you need is a jump rope. You can jump in your own driveway, no gym required. You’ll also tone the legs, shoulders and arms, and gain balance as a result of jumping rope.

4. Stair Climber: The stair climber is a great calorie burner too. At 657 calories burned per hour, you’ll also tone your entire lower body. This might be the workout for you if you’d rather hit a gym than work out at home. There are also home versions of the stairclimber.

5. Tennis (singles): Play an hour’s worth of tennis singles and blast 584 calories. Set a date with a friend for an ongoing match of tennis several times a week, and you’ll get to catch up on the gossip while you whack away at those tennis balls and the fat too.

5 at 500 Calories per Hour

These five fitness activities burn around 500 calories per hour. Be sure to include one in your workout schedule.

1. Aerobics: Don’t scoff at aerobics. We’re talking serious calories burned, and most aerobics classes and workout dvds include muscle toning moves as part of the program, so you could get double for your trouble.

2. Backpacking: If you’d rather be outdoors than at the gym, try backpacking. Trekking the trails and breathing in all that fresh mountain air is quite an exhilarating way to burn fat. It’s also a good weekend activity to participate in with a partner or group.

3. Swimming: I’ve always felt that swimming is more fun than work, but swim for an hour and you’re looking to burn some serious fat. Swimming is great because you’ll never get hot and sweaty while you knock down those 500 calorie in a mere hour.

4. Cross Country Skiing: If you want something fun to do in the snow, look no further. Cross country skiing is the perfect way to burn mega calories in the snow.

5. Ice Skating: Here’s a great weekend activity to try with the whole family. Who doesn’t love to go ice skating. It’s so much fun. Who ever thought you could burn 500 calories per hour? Not only that, but you’ll tone your hips, thighs, and calves while you skate.


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