The Best Leftover Turkey Recipes You’ve Ever Tasted - Meal Ideas for Eating on a Budget

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Creative Uses for Turkey Salad

So you’ve eaten so many turkey salad sandwiches that you’re ready to pop. But turkey salad can be used in other creative ways to make it more exciting. Try wrapping it in a soft tortilla along with some watercress and thinly sliced tomatoes. You can also try spreading it on whole grain crackers and topping it with dried blueberries or cranberries. Alternatively, put it on a platter with sliced fruits and use it as a sort of dip.

Turkey Pot Pie

Do you have a chicken pot pie recipe that your family loves? Substitute the turkey for chicken and make it into turkey pot pie instead! If you’d like, you can replace the flour and some of the liquid in the recipe with leftover mashed potatoes, or add some leftover gravy to give the pie an extra kick.

Turkey Stir Fry

Stir fry some onions, garlic, and stir fry vegetables, toss in some leftover shredded turkey, and mix with some soy sauce and mustard for an easy stir fry that you can stir over rice. You can also add some curry to give your turkey stir fry an Indian spin.

Turkey and Mushroom Turnovers

Cooking another fancy meal for leftover guests? Don’t shy away from using your leftover turkey in this perfect-for-company dish. Defrost squares of puffed pastry and fill with turkey, stir fried mushrooms, and some condensed mushroom soup. Fold over so that the finished product looks like a triangle, and bake in the oven according to the directions on the puff pastry dough. If you’d like, make some mushroom gravy to pour over the top – or use the leftover turkey gravy – for added flavor.

Turkey Tacos

Do you like Mexican food? Tacos are one of the best uses for leftover turkey, especially when there are picky kids around. Just stir fry the turkey with some taco seasoning according to the package direction. Dice up some lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other taco fillings and display them on a serving platter along with some fried onions, if desired. Then let each member of the family choose their own taco fillings and chow down!

These leftover turkey recipes are sure to be a hit, especially after the Thanksgiving feast. You’ll never need another recipe using leftover turkey again!